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3 Ways to Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity Using CRM Analytics

CRM analytics
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Its quarter end, that time of the year when the sales team puts forth its pipeline in front of you and lets you know where it stands in terms of revenue. The only problem being that it’s only at that time that you come to know about the sales pipeline. If there are some measures that need to be taken for closing a particular deal, it will not be highlighted until the sales team present the case quarter end.

For such circumstances it is better not to be dependent on the sales team totally and instead get into the CRM and have a clear picture of how your sales / marketing team is performing  daily, monthly, or quarterly basis with CRM analytics.

Organizations are now focusing towards the advancement and streamlining of processes. Gone are the days when people used to maintain humongous files for recording their activities / transactions on day to day basis. Previously, to know their actual sales, the company used to refer those files and check the number of leads closed on monthly basis based on which they used to forecast there upcoming business requirements.

Sage CRM is one of the leading CRM tools which has a marvelous reporting feature in it, which not only helps in tracking your team performance and also let you know the gaps which are restricting your business growth.


3 ways of boosting sales team productivity by Sage CRM analytics

Enhance Productivity: Sage CRM Analytics can help in managing your Sales / Marketing performance. Suppose the sales person is calling 50 customers per day, out of which only 10 customers ready to listen, here, if the record is not maintained properly, it will be difficult for the Sales team to follow up and hence, lose an opportunity.

How can this be handled in Sage CRM? After the discussion is over with the customer sales person will be tagging a note in CRM system as ‘customer not interested’ or ‘call back after 1 week’ and so on. This way, the sales manager can track performance of the entire team and if required, he can guide the team as to how they should approach customers, this will increase teams’ performance which will increase productivity of the business.


Sales Forecasting: As explained above, forecasting was never so easy like today. Now organizations don’t need to invest months to decide the future planning they have automated tools like Sage CRM which gives full picture of sales forecasting by single click.


Identify and Fine-Tune Efficiencies: Sage CRM helps in identifying the right approach for your business by giving you a 360 degree view of all marketing / sales activities for e.g., Tele calling, Emailing, or Sales meeting.

For tele calling Sage CRM has outbound calling feature which helps the tele caller to tag status of each call on one screen, it also records the duration of each call which helps the manager to track the performance of each team member.

Likewise for campaigning Sage CRM has Mailchimp integration which helps the sales team to track the opened / clicked Email campaign reports.

Consequently based on the performance of the each activity, sales manager can focus on the activity which is giving great ROI.


To know how can Sage CRM help you boost your Sales, You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at


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