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ERP Software : 3 Ways to Convince Your CEO to Purchase one

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You are a Sales Manager handling various geographies with a team highly capable Sales representatives and Partners to reach out further to your audience. While, most of your time should be involved in taking strategic decisions, you realize that most of your time goes in making different reports from excel and filtering duplicity if any. There is a lot happening in the moment and you as a Sales manager, should not be wasting your time behind futile and monotonous exercises. What do you do then? You are convinced that you need a dynamic business application tool which will help you not only save your time but also help you in taking strategic decisions. You are convinced that your organization needs an ERP System, but how will you manage to convince your CEO for the same?

Let us help you:

How can an ERP Software help you boost your sales

  1. ERP software will help you save time:

This may sound as a cliché but it is one of the primary functions that an ERP helps you do. An ERP helps you in automating monotonous tasks and helps you align all your processes and departments on single platform, hence making information flow without duplicity easier and faster.

Report generation is important to any department as it helps in forecasting and taking strategic managerial decisions. Report creation though on the other hand, is a very cumbersome task which usually involves spreadsheets and excels and manual calculations. Apart from time taking, reports generated by this method cannot be generated at a moment’s notice. An ERP software gives the management the ease of generating any kind of report at short notice also.


  1. Access from anywhere, anytime and any device:

Transactions happen real time and round the clock. They are not restricted in a time limit. For a Global or even for a domestic company, it is important to be updated with inventory and customer related information round the clock so that you do not miss out on any important opportunity or any conflict with a customer. Access from anytime and anywhere also means that you are able to go where the real business is happening and close deals faster with knowledge in your hands. Follow-up and real time updating also help in saving a lot of time.


  1. ERP makes you SMAC ready:

While you are getting ready for ERP, you will notice that the world has already moved from the traditional ERP to dynamic ERP with integration with Social Media for better interaction with the customers. Social listening for a brand is very important and clubbing that with the power of an ERP and CRM – Social CRM, will be very effective in quality engagement with the prospects. SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) when clubbed with an ERP is sure to give you better results and wider reach.

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