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4 Awesome Benefits of Email Automation in Sage 300cloud

email automation
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Email is undoubtedly the most commonly and widely used medium of communication between businesses. Now what if you are told that, you don’t have to send emails manually, as there is a system that automatically sends emails for you to the respective person or entity. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is. Read out to find in detail.

This blog throws light on how Sage 300cloud simplifies emailing for your business.
We have customized and set both the following screens to help perform automatically for the end-users to avail auto-emailing options.

  1. AP Payment screen
  2. OE Order entry screen

Overview of Customized AP Payment screen

  1. In the E-mail Messages option, upon clicking post button and email, the system automatically sends the email to multiple email addresses linked to the Email field from the AP Vendor Master Screen.
  2. The system will also generate all the details in the Mail

Refer the customized screen below:

A/P Payment

Mapping Email value to A/P Vendor:


Customized OE Order screen:

  1. We have customized the Order Screen and by clicking the ‘POST’ button, the system will fetch all the e-mail addresses of Order customer from the custom table and place it into the “TO” section.
  2. While sending the email, system will attach PDF file of Order confirmation report as well.

Refer the customized screen below:

Email Image template

Process of Mapping Email value to A/R Customer

Email image

These are four benefits of email automation in Sage 300cloud. To know how our enterprise management system can spruce up your emailing process, reach us here or write to us at You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 for a quick demo or consultation.

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