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4 Awesome Strategies that Drive Customer Loyalty

customer loyalty
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Customer Loyalty is something that every business craves for.

For a business be it any vertical, the most profitable customers are often the existing ones. In fact, a recent survey unveiled that, it costs anywhere from three to ten times as much to secure a new customer compared to retaining an existing customer. This hints to why businesses should put in as much efforts as possible to retain existing customers.

It is not only important to get new customers to grow a business, but is also important to focus on your existing customers, since you will make most of your money from the ones you already have. This is the reason businesses toil to retain happy and satisfied customers.

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Now winning the trust of customers calls for having a distinct service offering or product, but that’s only half the battle won, since gaining customer loyalty goes beyond that. Here are four ways a business can drive customer loyalty to new levels:

  1. Providing quality service and maintaining healthy relationships with your customers is an excellent means to set yourself apart from your competitors. Even if your product is same as that of others, paying close attention to your customers can go a long way to build long-lasting relationships. The better you serve your customers, the more loyal they will be towards your business. A CRM software can be of great help when it comes to knowing your customers better thus, helping you serve them effectively.
  1. Remember that ‘price’ is not always the only important factor when it comes to making a buying decision. Though it is an important aspect, but not the only one, since most customers often tend to look out for service and convenience. This one factor goes into building customer loyalty over time.
  1. Having a CRM solution helps focus on each customer. Thus, helping you serve them in a much effective way. Most importantly, it helps you keep a track of all the communications that a customer has with your business. CRM system offers a consolidated view of all your customer data helping you track and identify customer interests, location, behaviour and much more. Long story short, CRM software would unravel customer intelligence for you.
  1. Consistency is the most crucial factor when building loyalty and CRM can help you here. Yes, a CRM solution gives detailed insights into the sales cycle thus, helping you provide a smooth customer experience and journey right from start to the end and beyond.


We all know how challenging it is to retain happy and satisfied customers in today’s competitive era. Following these four tricks shall put your business on the right foot to building customer loyalty in long run and having a CRM solution by your side would only make the journey streamlined and smooth for everyone.

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