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4 compelling reasons your business should wake up to the idea of CRM

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CRM software has become must for every business.

In today’s fast-paced world, people want things to be quick and easily accessible. Be it ordering food online or making a bank transaction, everything is possible at your fingertips. Yes, mobile is the new normal. This is the reason businesses are leveraging the power of mobile to reach and cater to their customers. Today’s generation especially the millennials, which also happens to dominate the customer market and workforce, prefer things at rocket speed and prefers to be connected 24 x 7. On other hand, an increasing number of businesses are encouraging and welcoming mobile enterprise tools to help their employees stay ahead of the curve in today’s connected era.

With that being said, it is no surprise to see the massive influx of mobile enterprise tools and technology into key business functions, be it marketing and/or sales. For instance, mobile customer relationship management (CRM) systems help drive Sales whilst streamlining the entire sales pipeline. In fact, mobile CRM solutions are fast turning out to be one of the most powerful tools for small and medium sized businesses.

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Here are four compelling reasons to why a business should invest in a mobile CRM software:

  1. Drives productivity

Access to right information at the right time helps drive productivity for an organisation. Mobile CRM enables employees to stay connected with business data as and when required. The ability to access key customer information on the run helps serve customers in a more prompt yet efficient manner. For instance, a sales rep even when on the field or a meeting outstation can enjoy instant and on-demand access to real-time customer data through his mobile device. Eureka, mobile CRM plays a pivotal role in improving customer experience by making your sales reps and marketing team more agile and proactive. Instant access to insightful customer data and analytics such as buying behaviours, sales history, interests, purchase patterns, etc. can go a long way in providing the most satisfying experience to customers.

  1. Improves collaboration across departments

Mobile CRM promotes improved flow of information across various departments in an organisation ensuring that all employees stay on the same page thus, eliminating data duplication and discrepancies. Such a collaboration helps simplify key business functions. Making up-to-date information available builds efficiency as well as accuracy across all the departments when it comes to serving the customers. Yes, your sales and marketing teams can collaborate more efficiently with the help of a mobile CRM solution.

  1. Drives Social CRM

Mobile CRM can double up your social media marketing efforts. It becomes easy to track and monitor your social CRM stats through a mobile CRM software. It will allow your employees to interact and with social media users in real-time thus, driving your social CRM strategy. Eureka! Customer engagement levels will witness an amazing spike with the use of a mobile CRM solution. Track and manage interests, social media behaviours, etc. in real time and on the go.


  1. Drives customer experience

Customer experience undoubtedly is the most critical factor, which marks a very thin line between businesses that fall down and the ones that grow seamlessly. This is why it becomes important for businesses to mull over customer experience and ways to drive the same. A mobile CRM system can be of great help when it comes to leveraging customer intelligence at your fingertips to know your customers in a much better way.


To put it straight, a good mobile CRM software can serve as a perfect sidekick when it comes to understanding the behaviours and needs of your customers as well as prospects thus, helping you to serve them in a much better and personalised manner. Not to forget, it would greatly streamline your sales pipeline giving you more visibility on the go.

Looking for a new mobile CRM solution or want to upgrade your existing one? We would be glad to help, you can reach us here for a quick demo.

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