4 key CRM features you need today

4 key CRM features you need today

Customer relationship management (CRM) software are an essential tool for the business leaders who intend to have a long-term relation with their customers. The efficiency and ease of the software have made it a popular tool amongst the businesses of all size. However, choosing the right CRM tool to invest in can be baffling with the options available in the market today. So let us have a look in to some of the key features of a CRM tool that can help you to claim an apt CRM solution that can be a total game changer for your business.


Key features of a CRM software:


  1. Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard option in CRM system is a feature available for all the standard packages as it platforms all the crucial information on a single screen. Thus, while opting a CRM solution, one should look for an easily customisable dashboard feature that can be be configured to your needs.  Additionally, it should also provide you with real time reports of the current sales prospects and sales pipeline to ensure your team does not miss any potential sales conversions.


  1. API (Application Programming Interface) Support

While choosing CRM, the collaboration with third party applications can greatly enhance your CRM experience. The capability of API support in any CRM can better the systems usability in terms of connecting other applications. API can give your team the control and flexibility to interact with customers. For instance, if you need to redesign how your CRM solution integrates a social media application, you can control this effort with the help of API.


  1. Autoresponders

Sales and marketing department can have a leisure time connecting with customer for valuable points if they have a feature that automatically send emails on the defined actions. For example, if a sales representative had a meeting with a client about the company’s new product launch, then a CRM platform with an automation feature can integrate email systems and immediately send out a reminder email to follow-up with the client.


  1. Social CRM functions

The popularity of Social networking’s nowadays makes it necessary to look at the social CRM feature while deciding on a CRM system. Social CRM features can help you to track interactions and brand mentions on social networks and can provide new source for lead generation. For example, you can use tools to find prospective clients on social media networks and which can be later be useful to understand their intent as well.
Thus, an apt CRM solution is the one that fits your requirements and can scale easily with your needs. So dig into your business needs and locate a CRM vendor that can provide easy customisation for the software of your needs and win up at all stages of growth. To know more about a smart CRM software solution for your business, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at sales@sagesoftware,co.in for free demo and consultation.

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