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4 Must-Have CRM Tools for Insurance Agencies

CRM Tools For insurance companies
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4 Must-Have CRM Tools for Insurance Agencies

Insurance industry is one which is purely services and customer centric. Hence, it can be safely said that the industry runs on Customer Relationship Management tools. Since there is a huge database of customers and agents, imagine the kind of volume needed to manage data. To run an insurance company, a CRM solution would be the first choice for the management, but blind trust on the same would prove disastrous for the company.

Many Solution vendors who provide CRM Solution for Insurance Company might offer the basic modules in their standard packages and might charge for customizations. It is important here for the company to first set an objective and the goal that it wants to achieve with the CRM software. This will help the company to evaluate the vendors better and select faster.

To avoid any implementation pitfalls or mismatch of any expectation and deliverables, here are the 4 must have tools for Insurance Agencies:


  1. Web-based Project Management:

Insurance company battle to find new customers every day and to keep themselves updated with the task or meetings with new customers. For this requirement, they need a CRM solution which can record even the smallest of details while keeping customers updated about any offerings or their policy renewals. Sage CRM is a perfect blend of such services.


  1. Document and Content Management Capabilities:

In an Insurance Company, the main struggle is to manage huge documents on nearly daily basis. In such a scenario, Sage CRM can help you keep your office paperless and automate lot of processes which will lower wastages and avoid any loss of data. These documents can be mapped with each customer and so, you can map and save documents like proposal, product information and other related through Sage CRM itself. You can save the documents related to customers / clients, as well as standard policies related document on the dashboard repository of all the employees so that they know the policy rules before going to the customer.


  1. Mobile and Social Capabilities:

Since mobile and social media are top promotional tools used by all B2C companies, even Insurance Companies are not far behind using the platforms to gain leverage and more customers. While managing Social Platforms is a job of the marketing division, integrating them with your CRM solution will help you not only get deeper insights on the reactions of the users but also map your campaigns to different types of users. In this scenario, your CRM solution should be capable enough to use map and integrate tools to reach out to your prospects and customers. The Social CRM feature of Sage CRM helps to reach your customers on popular media tool like twitter, Facebook and also analyze their reactions towards the campaigns.


  1. Contact Center Optimization:

Sage CRM is has an inbuilt self-service portal which helps to cater the customer requirement as a when required. This customer center module in Sage CRM helps you in getting you to deliver in a timely fashion and be closer to your customers. Automate notifications and updates to be sent to the customers for their payments to have a faster payment and redressal solving cycle.

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