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4 Proven Ways Sage CRM helps to build better Customer Loyalty

Sage CRM for customer loyalty
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Loyal customers are the most valued patrons for a business. In fact, if managed successfully, these customers can eventually turn into evangelists for your business/brand bringing in more sales for you through word of mouth promotion.

Interestingly, in the last few years, customer choices and preferences have shifted significantly in almost every industry vertical. Right from manufactured goods to pharmaceuticals and travel to food, we have a galore of choices today.

As we are dealing with an intelligent population of customers, traditional marketing won’t yield desired results. Thus, having an advanced CRM software is the need of the hour.  Now that being said, today CRM is not limited to management of leads and contacts only, as it has evolved into a splendid customer relationship tool for building and fostering customer loyalty.

As we know the core objective of any business is to retain happy and loyal customers whilst efficiently garnering new customers and prospects. A well-implemented and robust CRM solution helps you achieve that.

Here are some proven ways that show how Sage CRM helps build better customer loyalty for businesses particularly SMEs, start-ups and manufacturing companies.


Helps you stay in touch always!

No! We are not talking about a romantic song or something. A lot of start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses tend to focus more on fetching new customers and leads overlooking to service the existing customers in the race! So how do you create strong and long-lasting relationships with your existing customers?

No, we are not counting the communications your sales rep makes for resolving a query of an existing customer. Ever thought of sending your existing customers some form of communication on a regular basis to show how much you value or care their association with your business.

Sage CRM software is your perfect tool to do that. Besides the tool, you ought to have a sound communications plan and strategy. Keep updating all your customers both new and existing with company news, offers, ask for feedbacks, etc.


Helps you know what your customers want

Though collecting data about prospects, customers and target audience is a vital aspect at the start of your relationship with customer, we cannot overlook the significance of doing the same when they exit your sales pipeline as well.

People change their addresses, email accounts, names, marital status, etc. Thus, it counts to update your CRM system with all these changes to help your sales reps offer a more personalized approach to all your customers.


Surveys! Yes, why not.

For those unaware, surveys form the crux of a successful CRM strategy. Ever thought what people think or perceive about your brand, service, product or business?

Survey your customers and ask what they are looking for, what solutions they are craving for, ask them how your business can assist them in addressing their problems, etc. This shows how much you care your customers as well as their opinions.

Note that, feedback contain priceless data that a business can leverage to improve the weaker areas and ultimately build stronger ties with customers.

However, beware that simply asking for feedback won’t do any good, as you ought to work upon the opinions and recommendations of customers wherever you can.


Makes it easy for your customers.

Yes, Sage CRM makes it easy for your customers. For instance, the system can shoot off automated emails as and when a prospect signs up. Simply put, Sage CRM makes it easier for both sales reps and customers right from the start to deal closure. Further, social CRM tools help you be there where your customers are talking and writing about your brand.



A good customer loyalty programme is sure to convert your business into a customer-centric hub. Today, with an ever-increasing number of demanding customers and intense business competition, it is imperative to reward your customers and Sage CRM serves as a perfect acquaint to help build customer loyalty in a seamless and efficient manner.

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