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4 Signs your Startup should get a CRM this year

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We live in a mobile era where things are done at breakneck speed right from your palms. Yes, be it ordering pizza or executing business transactions, everything is just a swipes away. Further, with millennials dominating the workforce and customer market, businesses are fast waking up to the idea of mobile enterprise technology.

Now for a startup that is trying to carve a strong foothold, it is imperative to understand the mindset of today’s customers and their fast changing preferences. This is where a CRM software comes into picture that can help a startup in many areas including customer data management, customer service, synchronization within departments, all-in-one storage, less paperwork and many more.

Unfortunately, some startups naively run on a flat structure, which promotes a lot of paperwork involved in most of the business activities.

Here are four flashing signs a startup should put its head into CRM to gain a competitive edge:
  1. Mistakes and errors

If your sales team is finding it difficult to extract customer or lead details during a call with the prospect, then it’s high time you invest in a CRM software. It eliminates such mistakes like calling same contact/lead again. A CRM system can help avert such blunders.

  1. Last minute rush

There are often problems seen at the last turn of your project when unplanned. Planning your project or any procedure involved in building customer relations helps to work efficiently. CRM software provides platform for better planning with inbuilt features like reminders and notifications that help you stay in track. This saves your sales team from last minute rush and helps create a good impact on customers.

  1. Time consuming paper work

This happens in startups when they run their management on flat structure and use too many third party applications to log and enter their data like customer updates, any leads or recent updates. CRM solution would allow you to eliminate those unsynchronized applications and store your all information on the third party cloud server accessible anytime. Any manual intervention is not needed due to automated calculations and analysis reports. Eureka! Everyone stays on the same page thus, no data de-duplication problems.

  1. Broken segment

This issue occurs when there are many departments in a company. These departments though work on a same goal and target to achieve, but lack a link due to non-synchronization, a part of plan may fail to be accomplished. CRM provides a hub where interactions and synchronization between every department of a company is the main motto.

The issues or signs mentioned above are four visible and alarming indicators a startup should wake up to the idea of CRM software in 2019. To know how Sage CRM can help your startup understand your customers in a much better and efficient manner, contact us here. You can also write to us at

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