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4 Tips to Win at Data Mining with CRM Software

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Data mining potential becomes 3x stronger with CRM software. In today’s fast-paced world, customers are well educated and make smarter decisions without falling for marketing gimmick. It is the era of smart customers and marketing. Customers of today are tech-savvy and well aware of their needs.

 When satisfied with a particular product or service, customers these days don’t hesitate to spread the news about their experiences. Eureka! A good word of mouth can greatly help to churn out more sales and customers.

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Can a CRM software help with customer intelligence?

For the ones unaware, customer intelligence is all about knowing your customers well. This includes their geography, buying pattern, purchase history, purchase behaviour, etc. The question is can a CRM system be used for data mining for achieving optimum customer intelligence? Let us find out:

  1. Always start with a distinct vision

The best way to start your data mining process is through careful assessment of goals that you intend to achieve. This will put you in a better position to accomplish your objectives. Once you have the list of all the goals and objectives that you want to accomplish, you are all set to extract the mine the data.


  1. Sort your customers by type

If your organisation deals in a number of products, then you certainly will have more than one type of customers. Instead of reaching out to all your customers with a monotonous strategy, you can leverage the data gathered through data mining and sort customer data by type or categories. Next, this would help you devise marketing campaigns or strategies targeted at each customer type according to his/her purchase pattern or behaviour.

Customer Intelligence: Do You Really Know Your Customers?

  1. Magnify your mailing campaigns

Email campaigns play a big role in a company’s overall marketing strategy. Nevertheless, executing such campaigns for all the customers, who might not be interested in that particular product/service and may fail to fetch the desired results. By leveraging the data collected through data mining, you can easily create a list of emails to target a specific customer group. Data mining helps to identify as which offer or plan suits a particular customer type or group.

  1. B2B relations

Data mining is proving to be a boon when it comes to strengthening business-to-business relationships by helping to develop personalized offers, customized catalogues, etc. Data mining is an excellent technique that a business can utilize to accumulate stats, information and learn more about clients and their relationships with the business.

The secret sauce to success is not in acquiring new business via new customers, but it lies in retaining your existing customers and a robust CRM software can render your business with that much-needed traction to understand your customers in a much better way.

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