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4 Ways CRM can Turbocharge your Marketing

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CRM is an indispensable asset for any company. Though being a marketer is pretty cool, it doesn’t come that easy as it seems to be! Yes, a marketer has a lot on his/her plate like budget, campaigns, priorities, goals, etc. Not to forget, the constant need to be creative in their approach.

As a marketer, there are lot of stuff to execute and manage along with interacting with tons of potential clients. Now tracking every customer’s details is something that often eats up a lot of time and efforts when done manually. This is why most of the marketers resort to CRM systems for streamlined management of customer information.

As a marketing professional, you might be already using several tools to store and analyse daily updates pertaining to customers like opportunities, targets, leads, etc. using the staple spreadsheets.

Do you know a CRM software can improve customer service by 45%? This is the reason most of the marketing teams simply can’t do without a CRM solution.   

CRM software can boost your marketing efforts efficiently. It can easily store all the quintessential customer data on a centralized database that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. The data includes interactions between you and customers, client location, background, etc.

Here are four ways a CRM software can drive your marketing efforts on the right foot:

1. Customisation: No two business are same. Every company has its own distinct objectives and goals. Thus, integrating a CRM software aligned to your marketing goals is the best thing you can do to your marketing fellows. A nicely maintained CRM software can serve as a perfect sidekick for your marketing folks allowing them on-demand and instant access to critical customer data on the go.

2. Segmentation: Customer segmentation is the process of dividing/segmenting group of customers or leads according to pre-defined categories. This can be anything including interests, needs/preferences, buying behaviours, gender and location. This helps in attracting the customer to your marketing campaigns. Sending same emails or messages to every customer may hurt the brand’s reputation thus, swaying potential customers away from your business. A CRM software can be of great help, since it can segment the groups according to their search preferences thus, improving the click through rates for your emails and newsletters. Talk about unlocking customer intelligence for your business!

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3. Prompt customer service: This is an important factor in order to build a good reputation and name among your customers and potential audience. For example, when you call a lead for explaining the product and he/she wants some time to think on making a deal. Now what if you misplaced your records and you call him/her again unknowingly. This is sure to hit the brand’s repute, very dearly. CRM software records all these data and helps your sales and marketing to retrieve the same at the click of a button.

4. Planning: Even if your sales and marketing teams are working on a specific segment of customers, a CRM software can help plan your strategy by setting reminders and planning a list of customers with actions to be taken. This improves efficiency of both the teams whilst nurturing happy customers.


Lastly, remember the fact the key to successful marketing lies in knowing your target audience or customers and CRM software fits right there. To know how Sage CRM can drive marketing and sales efforts of your business to the next level, reach us here or SMS SALES to 56767 or write to us at

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