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4 Ways to manage (and reduce) your Customer Service queues

Customer Service
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For an entrepreneur, planning each process and the growth of his empire is quintessential to stay upright in the stiffly growing market. Furthermore, efficient marketing and customer retention play a crucial role for a seamless business growth and emphasizing same, business leaders are investing big chunks on efficient CRM software to strengthen their customer relation and get better conversion rates. However, are these modern business management tools effective enough to shoulder the responsibility of managing your customers?

Let us see the 4 possible ways by which you can provide best Customer Services to your customers:

  1. Reduce response time: The availability of many alternatives (rivals who are willing to provide an agile customer services) has led to a reduced customer patience and tolerance. Hence, to gain customer loyalty, it is very important to pay heed to their problems and needs ASAP and provide an appropriate solution for the same. Sage CRM system helps you to acknowledge customer requests automatically, while your customer care team prepares to resolve the issues. This gives the customers the assurance that their request is successfully sent to you and a help would be arriving soon. Sage CRM also allows you to create multiple template for frequently occurring issues ensuring a swifter customer troubleshooting.
  1. Information at your fingertips: Once you receive a customer’s request, providing an immediate solution becomes your primary objective, but there are chances that you might require additional information to cater the request. This additional information may be customer’s master data, history of the customer, contact details, etc. Sage CRM software can provide you with a 360-degree view of the customer’s history and other statuary details that can actually help you to respond better.
  1. Prioritize customer requests: Not all the request needs immediate action, though every request is important for your organization to provide better service, but as your database grows, it is better to prioritize your customer requests.

Sage CRM can filter and segregate your customers as per the set priority:

A. Special packages or subscription such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, etc. wherein the platinum members are given first priority, followed by gold and silver.

B. As per queue length: Sage CRM can manage the customer requests in accordance with the size of queue, as it handles frequent errors automatically, while forwards the critical ones to you

C. As per the customer relation: for a budding company, every new customers is valuable and needs to be taken care of immediately, however for an experienced empire, prioritizing loyal and old customers may be crucial and the same can be set via Sage CRM.

  1. Make sure the request ends up in the right hands: It is very important that your customer request is assigned to the right person who can handle efficiently. For e.g. if the request is regarding the payment, then it should be better handled by finance executive rather than a marketing person. This way you can provide better troubleshooting and information quickly. To ease this process, Sage CRM can help you create multiple mailbox like, that can direct the request to the authorized person.

Thus, pace up your customer care with Sage CRM, with its efficiency to manage your customers better, while its business intelligence provide you with precise reports and forecasts, helpful to plan your marketing campaigns and productions. To know more about smart customer management with Sage CRM, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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