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4 Ways to Rejuvenate your Marketing Emails

Rejuvenate your Marketing Emails
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Everything changes with time and marketing is no exception. In today’s connected world, marketing ought to be customer-oriented and friendly for a business to stay ahead of the curve. Gone are the days of push marketing tactics where companies used to bomb the email inboxes of their customers with offers. So the question is how a business can rejuvenate its marketing?

There are various digital marketing techniques available, but email marketing has been one of the oldest and effective means of reaching out to existing as well as potential buyers. Most importantly, email marketing gets you maximum ROI (return on investment).


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Here’s how you can increase those click through rates for your emails marketing campaigns:
  1. Have a catchy title or subject line for your mails

The first thing in the email that catches the attention is subject line. Hence, make your subject line as convincing as possible or make an enticing offer that customers would find irresistible. For example – ‘Flat 50% off’ or ‘Housing loan at record lowest rates’ or ‘up to 40% off on popular brands’ etc. Michael Weiss, cofounder & managing partner for C-4 Analytics, a digital marketing agency says – “You win or lose with the subject line in your email, so make it as compelling as possible.” Try to deliver a sense of urgency in your subject line such as ‘FEW HOURS LEFT! It’s raining deals’ or ‘Just for Today – Up to 90% off’ or ‘Last chance – offer Ends Tonight’ or ‘It’s going Away – Summer offer’ etc. Such emails win 8% higher open rates than average.


  1. Use eye-catchy GIFs and/or relevant graphics

Today’s customers are increasingly turning out to be impatient and tend to get bored very easily thus, leaving businesses with shorter attention window to grab the attention of their audience. Your email must be attractive enough to grab customer’s attention in that short attention span. Assume if your mail greets the customer with interesting subject line and instead of ignoring, the customer opens it and then suddenly your mail takes hours to load. Next, customer deletes your mail instantly. To stimulate the interest of your customers, use relevant graphics or animated GIFs. Using GIFs will create a spark that a static image cannot. Experts say that GIF-centered emails has uplifted open rates by 6% than average.


  1. Create a clear Call to Action (CTA)

Not having a clearly defined Call-to-Action is one of the biggest mistakes email marketers do. If your readers are unable to find out what they are expected to do next, it will be annoying for them to find out the purpose of your email. Subsequently, they will delete your mail. Hence, design your email newsletter with a stated purpose and clear call-to-action. By looking at the email at a glance, the reader must understand and come up with what he/she needs to do next.  Now even if a call-to-action is clearly defined in the mail, it should be bold enough that a reader cannot miss. A simple text embedded ‘click here’ link is outdated. Hence, use a simple, yet alluring call-to-action tagline such as a ‘sign-up’, ‘purchase now’, or ‘learn more’ graphic button that can be spotted easily. Such ideas result in more number of subscribers and click through rates. The less the searching and scrolling is, the easier it is to engage your customers.


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  1. Personalize your emails

Most people are fed up of automated messages. This is why it is advisable to personalize your emails so that the reader strikes a connection with your brand. Personalization encourages the contact person to open emails and read the content within. Take baby step initiatives like adding recipient’s name in the subject line. According to the 2014 Science of Email Marketing survey, emails having recipient’s name had higher CTRs (click through rates) compared to others. For example, greeting customer with a personalized birthday card. However, simply sending a mail is not enough, as it should have a catchy subject line like ‘Happy Birthday Michael – Surprise Gift Inside!’ Personalized mails with an appealing subject line are more likely to catch the reader’s attention.


These are few effective tips to win the email marketing game and win more click through rates. To know how a CRM software can spruce up your email marketing campaigns, contact us here or drop us a mail at .


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