benefits of ERP to startups and SMEs

Benefits of ERP: Top 5 reasons for Startup and SMBs to select ERP

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning tool is not only important for large scale companies, but also for startups and SMEs. In their bid to be very appealing to the consumers, the entrepreneur does often forget that it is not only his product or service but also his operations which will help him to scale up. Lower costs of operations, faster turnaround time, synchronized departments, decisions on the go and better efficiency are some of the benefits of ERP for SMEs and startups.


Benefits of ERP for SMEs:


A. Synchronized departments:


For industries like retail and eCommerce which have multiple departments and locations, synchronization among the same is very important. Multiple warehouses, multiple hubs and co-ordination among them is very important. An ERP software helps in bringing all the data from all locations together and connects everyone on a single platform. It acts like an end to end business function for an organization. Imagine if you had details like sales order, POs, inventory flow of your multiple warehouses from a single platform which can also be viewed on the go, how much time would you and your staff be saving.


B. Faster Turnaround Time: 


With the help of ERP an organization can improve their efficiency, which is very imperative for any SME. Benefits of ERP is that it equips the sales, marketing and customer service teams with all business data very effortlessly and on time and a single click with the help of MIS and other reports. Based on which, everyone can take immediate action and increase the turnaround time. With the help of ERP, a lot of work can be automated hence, increasing the time for the team to serve the customer properly.


C. Teamwork:


Benefit of ERP solution is that they can be integrated and use a single solution for all the core business needs. With the help of an ERP, any organization can manage their inventory, manufacturing, financial, human resources and other data from once ERP solution. This data syncing and flow in ERP encourages more unity towards team work. Any team member can enter data into the ERP and the same data can be accessed, viewed and used by the other members of the team even if the sales rep is not present on premise. It is also very true, without teamwork, ERP is not success. So for the success of ERP everyone in the organization would have to work as a team.


D. Control Over Operating & Operational Cost:


Usually an organization has multiple systems to take care of its various operations. For accounting they may have a different system and for tracking inventory, they may have a different system. The problem with these accounting systems is that though they streamline the processes, they tend to create data duplicity. With an efficient ERP Solution, all the data is synchronized and the company can find out the leakages that are happening in the data and can fix the operations that is causing the company money and time wastages.

Without ERP in most of the organization, it has been observed that it is very difficult to do proper planning for procurement and production of the materials. Identification and control over operating and operational costs can help the company save a lot of money and concentrate on processes which will help them grow.


Eureka! Here is an infographic explaining how a cloud based accounting software can help improve productivity whilst saving time and money for your business.




E. Decision Making:


With help of a cloud ERP solution, any organization can take prior decision with the instant available data. ERP solution helps an organization to be aware about the insight situation such as shortage of fund, inventory, and deliveries, etc. on the go anywhere, anytime and any device. Take your business with you and to the client. Be updated always about your inventory level in front of the client and update all the communication from your device once the meeting is over so that you do not miss out on any pointer for follow-ups. Set up notes, communications and trackers so that the team may get back to the client efficiently even if you are not in town.

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