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5 Common yet Distressing Email Errors with CRM

Email Errors with CRM
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Marketing experts play a pivotal role when it comes to reaching the prospects in the market to convert them into sales. Of all the mediums, email happens to be the most efficient tool to carry out such campaigns. If email is done the right way, it can bring in a decent revenue in the form of sales thereby turning the marketing campaign a huge hit. Though the campaigns executed through emails can be done within a short span of time, the impact of a campaign can be disgruntled by simple common mistakes that undercut the message.

Email Errors with CRM

Here are five common yet distressing email errors with crm that are easy to avoid:

  1. No or incorrect personalization

Personalising or addressing the right person or the correct mail recipient is the foremost rule of emailing. Personalisation helps to gain the attention of the recipient. Try to catch the attention of your recipient by addressing to the right person and with the right content minus any jargons. Mistakes in addressing the mail recipient or mentioning the wrong titles or whatsoever may lead to ignorance from the recipient’s end and hence you may lose a prospect. It all can be taken care of with the help of preparing a mailing list. Rectifying this mail list before executing the campaign will help in eliminating the duplicates, incorrect titles, wrong email addresses and so on.

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  1. Is your message appropriate?

The second most important thing is the content of your email. Avoid sending a highly technical message to a non-technical person, since it will confuse the prospect that can cause you to lead a potential customer. It is always appropriate to draft a message keeping in mind the recipient’s point of view, interests, etc.

  1. Weak message

When it comes to drafting an email, the message apart from being recipient-oriented should also be strong enough to gain the interest of the reader. A weak message can fail to move the reader thus, making them discard the message.

  1. Excess formatting

While formatting your email message avoid using all of your email tool (CRM software) features. Just because they are available, it doesn’t infer using them. Drafting a mail using multiple fonts, animations and different colours will excessively elaborate the email content causing the reader to lose his/her interest by seeing a fancy message rather than a professionally formal one.


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  1. Bombarding the recipients

A campaign usually contains more than one message. Sending multiple copies of the same message or on same topic multiple times a week or sending multiple different messages on single topic in a week can be very annoying for the prospects.

All the mails ought to maintain a professional approach for maximum outcome. Now for a growing business, keeping up and updating its customers is sure to get tedious. Having a CRM software can ease email marketing for a business greatly by automating and scheduling the entire process. A CRM solution allows you to design and customise various email templates that can be triggered when certain specific conditions are met thereby, saving the hassle of sending out repetitive emails. Eureka! Uniformity in email marketing pattern.

To learn how email integration with CRM can work wonders in the form of improved reach and sales, click here. You can also drop a mail to us at or simply SMS SAGE 56767.

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