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5 Game-Changing Enterprise IT Trends to look out for in this year

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Digital transformation also commonly referred to as digitization has been driving the business landscape by a storm over the last few years or so. Yes, with most business organizations attempting to optimize and streamline critical operations, the year 2019 is sure to break the glass ceiling in terms of enterprise IT and related technological advancements.


Here are five such groundbreaking enterprise IT trends that are deemed to drive the digital transformation wave in 2019 and beyond:
  1. Machine learning is on the cusp of being mainstream

Yes, machine learning is no folklore, since it is already here and happening. Machine learning is at its cusp and is set to take off big and high in 2019 and beyond. It’s just the beginning and we will be witnessing a number of applications and ways where we can leverage machine learning.


In fact, some applications powered by machine learning algorithms like chatbots are already being used as off-the-shelf or over-the-counter solutions. Brace yourselves for smarter CRM solutions in 2019, all thanks to machine learning. Until now, CRM systems would only concentrate on historical customer data delivering insights into data patterns pertaining to customers. However, machine learning will take things a step ahead, since it would add value to the CRM systems. Yes, CRM solutions powered by machine learning would help interpret these past interactions followed by coming up apt recommendations thus, driving customer engagement to a different level altogether. Ecommerce businesses have something to cheer up here, since they are the ones that face a good number of transactions and customers on daily basis.


  1. Cybersecurity to become top-priority investment

Come 2019 and we will witness a surge in the number of cyber threats and attacks that hover upon businesses. Yes, cybersecurity would continue to be an unending battle for businesses to tackle. You just can’t ignore the fact that there are more hackers and wicked brains working to hack IT environments than there are heads to protect them.


Enterprises across the globe are expected to invest heavily in cybersecurity in 2019 and beyond. As a matter of fact, enterprise IT security in the year 2019 will no longer be limited to protecting sensitive data and keeping away hackers away from your systems, since it is the age of AI and big data, businesses would be leveraging novel techniques and tools to protect their data from ransomware, data breach, etc.


  1. Automation, automation and automation

Many workers and employees across different industries are of the notion that AI and automation will steal their jobs transforming the way organizations and factories operate. AI aka artificial intelligence though has been doing lot of rounds stealing jobs, which is nothing but a mere misconception. To the contrary, AI will be making things much easier for us. This is the reason an increasing number of businesses would shift their focus to build a pool of machine learning/AI experts and data scientists for data mining. Because, winning the big data game is all about rightful data mining.


  1. Real-time Enterprise IT is the corner

Real time enterprise IT infrastructure is one of the biggest hurdles for businesses around the world. Get ready to witness a growing of information technology leaders and CIOs focusing on reshaping IT operations to leveraging emerging enterprise software technologies.


Consequently, automation, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, etc. would become essential. Apart from these, coming of age edge and cloud computing will start moving from a next-gen concept to reality in enterprises in 2019 and beyond.


  1. Digital trading platforms for the B2B industry

One of the prominent growth arenas will be B2B digital trading. Yes, tech pundits predict a B2B landscape where customers can connect directly into the supply chain. Advantages range from heightened customer experience to operational efficiency. A business when is able to provide the right data pertaining to future demands, it can easily optimize its inventory as well as production accordingly.


This would be way beyond the integration of supply chain within enterprise resource planning systems. Yes, we will witness seamless integration with CRM systems that would further be powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to deliver customer intelligence. For example, it would enable a consumer to connect right back into the supplier’s inventory via a mobile app.

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