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5 Key Reasons you should try Sage CRM for your Business

5 Key Reasons you should try Sage CRM for your Business
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You are sure to come across many businesses that don’t have a CRM system but need one. Whilst there are many challenges that a business ought to face when selecting any type of new enterprise technology and CRM tool is clearly not an exception. This is due to the plethora of options available today along with any bad experiences in the past, fear of embracing new technology, potential risks and costs involved make the selection process daunting.

However, these obstacles should not avert a company from CRM solutions for they offer several benefits that cannot be overlooked.

Sage CRM for your Business

Here are five solid reasons you should try Sage CRM for your business:


  1. Competitive Pricing

Yes, you heard it right! Sage CRM is a budget-friendly CRM tool and will always be. No, this isn’t some another sales tactic or gimmick to hook you up. This is because we at Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd abide by our uncompromising motto of satiating enterprise technology needs for small businesses and startups across the country, thus offering affordable SaaS based CRM subscription plans. So the entire frightful concept of investing in an enterprise technology for long-term only to find it futile just doesn’t fit with Sage CRM. Pay-as-you-go.


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  1. User-friendly

Most of the CRM solutions are designed keeping in mind the managers. Though managers are crucial users of the system, it’s the end-users who will be using the system day-in-day-out. Thus, your CRM software ought to be user-friendly designed keeping in mind its original users.


For example, Sage CRM addresses several painpoints because of which users often dislike using a CRM tool. This includes excess data entry, no idea on how the system would benefit them in closing more deals, time consuming, etc.


Sage CRM can help shorten and strengthen your sales cycle. It helps in effective communication for your sales mavericks.


Here’s how you can curb your sales cycle with Sage CRM

  1. Quick Set up

Though the market is flooded with some exceptional CRM solutions, but for some businesses, all it takes is a perfectly customised and powerful CRM software. Whereas for various others, it is all about the adoption and setup.


No worries if your organisation lacks a dedicated IT crew or a CRM administrator, since Sage CRM is relatively easy to set up and use. With that being said, the implementation can take anywhere between 30-60 days and you are good to go from there!


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  1. Easy to get hold of

Setting up the system is one thing and training the users for using the system is the next big thing. Lack of system adoption rates and inconsistent use are two key reasons why several CRM projects fail.


Sage CRM is exceptionally intuitive and offers visual dashboard insights that are easy to comprehend and manoeuvre. Most importantly, the interface is clear and clutter-free.


  1. You put nothing at stake here

Though it requires investing time, the investment pays off in the long-run. It’s always a sound pick than using those excel sheets and keying-in numbers every day to get the right forecasts. Using a CRM tool for its incredible benefits is always a wise thing to do than settling with some legacy system.


Curious to know about Sage CRM and how it helps businesses do accurate sales forecasting? Contact us here for a free demo today. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at sales@sagesoftware,

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