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5 Line-of-Life Features your Manufacturing ERP Solution should have

Manufacturing ERP Solution Features
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Selecting an ERP software for a manufacturing business is no easy feat. With a downpour of countless ERP vendors and partners out there, it is quite easy for a business to go awe by the various offers. So how do you zero in on the best ERP for manufacturing business? Here are five lifelines of a robust enterprise resource planning solution for a manufacturing venture.

Which Manufacturing ERP Solution Features to look for?

1. Quality Control

As a pharmaceutical, chemical or food and beverages manufacturer, your business is required to comply with the safety guidelines by providing appropriate consumer labelling, handling waste appropriately and following healthy manufacturing practices. ERP solutions for manufacturing businesses ought to help in maintaining robust quality control by providing tools to track, document and report to regulatory authorities, customers and auditors. Attaining compliance is essential and thus, having quality control modules in the ERP software becomes mandatory.

2. Inventory Management

Do you always find yourself stuck when it comes to inventory management like what raw materials need to be re-ordered or in tracking delivery dates? ERP for manufacturing industry offers integrated inventory scheduling and management modules. It helps you track supply, demand and other requirements to keep your manufacturing wheels up and running seamlessly. With right information at hand, you can receive accurate recommendations for purchasing schedule, production targets, etc. Eureka! A more effective and efficient utilisation of capital and resources.

3. Intelligent Analytics

Getting a bigger insight into manufacturing processes is a must to stay ahead of the curve. With ERP software, all your critical manufacturing data is stored on a centralised hub thus, making reporting efficient and quick. Further, business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics offer powerful data reporting at the click of a button. ERP systems break down data into smaller and manageable packets. This renders on-demand and instant access to the data you require to help make sound decisions at the speed of light.

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4. Warehouse Management and Automation

Access to real-time data accuracy and inventory information top the priority list for any manufacturing business. A powerful ERP software with warehouse automation capabilities can help you manage inventory, supply chain, employee tasks etc. effectively with the help of HMI barcode scanning saving time and efforts.

5. Industry Specific

You certainly won’t risk all your critical manufacturing and business data with some ERP partner that doesn’t hold expertise in the industry in you are into. Thus, look for industry specific ERP vendors that hold a decent track-record and expertise in your niche. This assures that you lay hands on the best-suited ERP software for your business. Experienced ERP consultant knows the different challenges your industry experiences and thus, can come up with the perfect ERP solution and implementation plan for you.

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