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5 Powerful Reports to Run in Your CRM

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A CRM Software is an essential tool to monitor the current activities of the organization and let the management know of all the activities underway which will help them plan the future. While talking about CRM, there is an important functionality which is most talked about – Reports. Reports are the comprehensible condensation of all activities done in the company. They can be generated as the need arises and in the format that the company wants.

Today, a lot of companies are demanding interactive dashboards – reports which are presented in graphical format on the first screen itself and can be customized according to the needs of the user. There are department wise reports which can be view-able to the person belonging to that particular department. This removes the complexities of downloading the report in excel format every time and analyzing using formats.

Of course every organization would like to have a system which can provide an overall picture of the business in reporting format, however Business Intelligence tools are integrated in most of the CRM tool, but there are some advanced CRM system like Sage CRM, which is a BI integrated feature in build also you can generate report based on your parameter.

While there are a lot of reports available – Sales report, Marketing ROI, Customer Service complaints, etc. Here are the 5 powerful reports that you must run in your CRM:


  • Profitability Reports: You can generate profitability reports by knowing more about the customer’s purchase history in the past. Like the famous Pareto’s Law of 80/20 –which states that 80% of revenue can be generated by 20% of customers includes people who keep rebuying from the company or buy in a bigger amount. Knowing the customers who are a regular contributor to your revenue generation, can help you create a campaign customized around them and loyalty programs running so that they do not go to other brand.


  •  Sales Cycle Reports: Sales Cycle in a business means the phases involved in selling of a product starting from identifying a prospect to closing a deal and it’s important to have a glimpse of which stage are we, what would be our next step to close a deal and what all communication has taken place with the client. Sales cycle is a process with heavy investments like telephone cost, internet cost, and transportation costs whenever there are onsite demos, client dinners and sending gifts or cards on festivities. The company needs to know how much investment they are making behind one client so that they can know if it is even profitable to pursue the client further or no.


  • Pipeline Reports: A Pipeline Report gives you a clear picture of every lead or opportunity, what is the status of a lead for e.g. demonstration, etc., with the help of pipeline reports sales people can get an idea on which opportunity / lead his focus is required. It will also help to understand which of your sales regions, branches and personnel are performing better. A constant update on the pipeline is required because that will help your sales forecasts to be more accurate.


  •  Sales Forecast Reports: Talking about Sales Forecasts, with the help of pipeline reports you can predict your future revenue. In almost all organizations these reports are run on a defined time frame, this helps in setting goals for every department. These reports are very crucial in terms of planning investment and divestment. The plan for expansion and growth is dependent on it.


  • Goal Progress Reports: These reports are of comparing the projected goals with the actual goals, however these reports will differ for every department based on their requirement for e.g. a sales department will analyze their projected revenue versus actual revenue, and the marketing department will analyze the projected campaigns lead versus actual generated leads, so and so forth. To know more about the report configuration and which CRM is best suited for your company, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd at for a detailed demo.


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