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5 things you didn’t know your CRM can do for you

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CRM aka customer relationship management is the art and science of maintaining a healthy relation between a company and its customers/clients.


Now to streamline this quintessential process, businesses resort to CRM solutions. Yes, a CRM software serves as a centralized database maintaining all your critical customer information at one place that is accessible to sales as well as marketing folks.  Eureka, it saves you the hassles of maintaining spreadsheets and paperwork.


Unfortunately, a number of businesses are ignorant or tend to give a blind eye when it comes to CRM software and the benefits it can bring. Here are top five things about CRM you wish you knew earlier:


  1. Synchronization: A company has many different departments that often work on common objectives and goals. It is like chefs working in a synchronized manner on same order from a customer. One cook cutting salads, the other cutting potatoes, other working on dough and one working on rice. Nevertheless, all of them have a common motto i.e. to cook delicious food. Similarly, your organization is expected to run in a synchronized manner, which includes planning and interactions within every team for minimizing any error while taking any decision. CRM system ensures that everyone stays on the same page thus, no data duplication and data inconsistencies between sales, marketing, inventory and other departments.


  1. No manual reports: This is the most basic quality of CRM, which eliminates any type of paper work involved for logging any customer related updates, new leads, etc. Loss of any such document is excruciating for a business. Integration of CRM eliminates the manual efforts required to organize spreadsheets, documents whilst the reports can be automatically prepared with intelligent analytics. This saves the lag time between sales team and managers. Now you could rather focus this saved time on your customers.


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  1. Transparency: With the automatic reports generated by your CRM system, managers can anytime analyze the company’s growth and sales progress. With CRM, you can have better insights into your business performance and this also motivates for any further improvements in business to be made (if needed).


  1. Automation: A CRM system automatically records and saves the steps involved in any customer building process. This ensures that the effort is not repeated. This feature contributes to saving ton of time, which may later be utilized in other important activities like converting leads into profits.


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  1. Centralized database: Without any CRM integrated, you might be having your customer contacts saved in applications like your mobile phone contacts, business cards, excel or memorize it. But then this might lead to loss of data. With CRM system, you can have all your customer data stored on a centralized platform. Yes, cloud based CRM software does that for you. This makes it possible to access your all data anytime and anywhere.


Thus, these five best features with many more hidden advantages of a CRM system can help you and your business grow and stay ahead in 2019 and beyond. To know more about how CRM software can help your business maintain strong and lasting customer relations, SMS SALES to 56767 or write to us at


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