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5 Traits to look for in a Killer CRM Consultant

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It is quite common to come across businesses and enterprises having a dedicated staff to look after their enterprise solutions and CRM is no exception here. For some enterprises, administration of the CRM system is managed by IT whereas for some, the sales department runs the CRM application.

Here, having a CRM consultant can help to fill in the gaps that staff have in their experience and understanding. A CRM consultant functions as a facilitator and helps in settling down the various conflicts or opinions of individuals from the sales or IT department.

Here are five traits that you should look for in a killer CRM Consultant:
  1. Technical Project Management

CRM consultant ought to be well versed and experienced in executing complex installations and deployment projects. Every business has a suite of enterprise applications that they might want to integrate with a CRM system. Sound knowledge of CRM applications and its working can play a vital role in identifying the weakness and strengths when it comes to integrating the systems with other enterprise applications.

  1. Documentation

Documentation plays an important role in determining how good the deliverables will be. CRM consultant having expert documentation skills will help organizations to channelize the distribution of information evenly.

  1. Methodology

Certain sales CRM software solutions are best fit for sales methodologies. Consultants can focus more on a particular methodology. Conflicts between your company’s sales philosophy and that of the CRM consultant’s will create problem in longer run. Hence, it is important to ascertain CRM consultant’s view about the processes of selling and taking decisions.

  1. Process Discovery

During the evaluation stage, the CRM Consultant will want to look at the way your company sells, which relates to methodology. The consultant should document the processes followed, which should map to your sales philosophy. The documentation will give a clear vision to both the company and CRM consultant in knowing what’s happening.

  1. Training Philosophy

Every company follows different ways of conducting training on enterprise applications or processes. Some prefer classroom training for all applications, while others just provide documentation and allow them to learn on their own. For CRM application, training should be similar to these two approaches. CRM consultant’s experience will help a company to plan and implement effective training programs. Consultants can tailor the training programs to match your company’s training plan for optimum adoption.

The key to any CRM implementation success is all about leveraging the knowledge and expertise of an expert. To know how a CRM consultant can drive this for you, contact us. You can drop us a mail at for free demo and consultation.

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