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5 Ways to Update Your Customer Service Instantly

Customer Service
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There is barely anything more important for a company than a full-fledged and thoroughly updated customer service. And this becomes imperative in the time of crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard and is expanding its roots worldwide. During such abnormal times, companies should understand the gravity of the situation and expect unusual customer behavior.

This article provides customer service tips to improve your customer service instantly during times of crisis and provide your customers with the experience they deserve.

1. Have a stand up meeting daily

A 10 minutes stand up meeting at the start of the day helps bring everyone on the same page. It leads to the cross-pollination of ideas and lets different departments update each other on the most prominent problems that require an instant solution. For example, the customer-facing agent can update all departments on the common issues being faced by a large chunk of customers. This helps every department concentrate their time and resources in the right direction and make worthwhile contributions.

2. Update chatbots

One of the most useful customer service tips that can help you uplift your customer service experience is chatbots. Chatbots come handy when you want customers to get solutions instantly. This is because, during times of crisis, customers show irregular behavior. They seek solutions instantly and are therefore wary of spending more time discussing with human agents. Chatbots provide them ready-made answers which are easy to digest and also frees time for customer care agents to focus on other important issues.

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3. Constantly update your FAQ section

One of the best ways to improve your customer service instantly is to develop and constantly update your FAQ section. The FAQ page consists of a set of questions that your customers are most interested in. This requires tracking what your customers are discussing on social media platforms, online forums, and offline symposiums, and developing Q&A that not only engages your audience but also provides them relevant solutions. Also, it should serve as a common portal where your customers can raise collective doubts and help each other. Another customer service tip is to link your FAQ section with your chatbot. This will enable your chatbot to direct your audience towards the relevant FAQ page, which will provide your customers the required answer quickly and easily.

4. Constantly update your help center

Another important customer service tip to provide instant service to customers is by creating a help-center. Use your FAQ section and customer portals to monitor the current hot and trending questions and prepare content around them. This includes topics such as ‘How to get a refund’, ‘How to change account information’, and ‘How to deal with errors’, etc. For best results, you can update your homepage with a help center so that your customers can seek solutions to important problems as soon as they land on it.

5. Create a channel-menu

Today, there are myriad channels of communication and you never know from where your next customer is going to come. Creating a channel-menu goes miles ahead to improve your customer service by integrating different channels with your website or help-center. It contains a simple drop-down list that enables your customers to select their preferred channel (Facebook, WhatsApp, Email), etc. from one easy-to-find location. It also saves them from the burden of searching for a ‘Contact-Us’ page.

Improving your customer service at a moment’s notice is a major challenge for organizations during trying times. The current COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect example and is a testing time for organizations to prove their mettle. The above-discussed customer service tips will help you immensely to improve your customer service and develop an organization that is sensitive to its customers’ needs. At Sage, we are home to world-class CRM software that will help you create a customer-focused organization. To know more about it, You can also write to us at


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