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5 ways to use social media to win new businesses

After the dotcom bubble, we saw the Social Media bubble wherein first everything was keeping it just personal, but with the growing adoption, companies eventually had to accept this new and faster medium of reaching their audience. Today we have come at such a place where every marketing budget in every company, small or big, has a dedicated budget for Social and Online Media incorporated. In fact, this social media boom gave new and innovative paths for the companies to build their marketing and branding on. From CPC to ecommerce and bitcoin, the nexus of all this is internet and it only the reach and the speed of internet which matters.


Here are 5 ways that businesses can use to win at Social Media:


  • Ecommerce Stores on Facebook:


Facebook is the most successful social network till date, and more than a billion people and businesses are connected on Facebook. This platform has helped people to generate business in many horizons and one of them is the provision to make a virtual online store to sell your product which helps the retailers to list their products and generate business on Facebook itself. Facebook Ads are a great way to target and reach a wider audience based on their search and interests.


  • YouTube Paid videos and Tutorials:


YouTube is no longer just a video portal for music videos and movie trailers, today with YouTube you can upload movies and videos which the viewer can only view after payment of some fees required to view the video. These videos can be anything a movie, a Tutorial or an animal care video. Many film companies and educational organizations have their course tutorial videos on YouTube and they charge people to view that video, the viewer gets to learn a new skill by watching the video lecture and the organization gets paid for the same lecture which creates a win-win scenario on YouTube.


  • Organization Profile Pages on Google Plus:


Google being an online giant stepped into social network since few years with “Google Plus” which is nothing like the previous project Orkut. G+ has the provisions to share media on your profile page, follow important people and add friends in your circles, along with the provision to create a page for your organization mentioning all the details of your organization along with clientele, projects, company strength and other important details and then let other people follow you and share important company events and programs which can then be reached to the people following you and their friends of friends.


  • Company Profiles on Linked In:


LinkedIn is the Social Network for professionals of all domain or industries. It allows one to create their profile and mention details like employment details, educational background along with the past experience and employment details, and it gives provisions to mention your professional as well as soft skill set which can be helpful to any organization which is about to hire you or your present organization to keep tabs on your updated professional profile. LinkedIn being a powerful candidate for professional network also allows many organizations to make a profile and allows that organization to mention their clientele, the projects undertaken, the vision and mission, and the strength of the company along with website and the contact information of the company, all these things depict a clear picture about an organization which helps the viewer understand the organization and follow through them with their daily updates on their products and services which tends to make many potential customers online.


  • E-tailing or E-Commerce:


E-tailing or E-commerce is one of the most successful business idea online which helps one sell online. Ecommerce websites tend to make a massive customer base which helps them to send newsletter or coupon codes, this customer database is an key to generate business. Ecommerce is a novel and a unique way to reach out to a lot of audience. Either listing on giants like Amazon or Flipkart or building the company’s ecommerce with payment gateway integration not only allows you to help improve the customer’s purchase experience, but also study the whole purchasing behavior for further enhancing the marketing and sales pf the company.

While Social media is proving to be an important tool for the organization to reach out to a lot of people, it should not be left un-monitored. A Social CRM in this way, is a helpful tool for the company to not only monitor what the audience is speaking about the company, but also manage and overview all marketing campaigns from one platform by assigning monetary values and expected results.


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