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6 Business Intelligence Trends we can expect to see in next year

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The year 2016 took the enterprise landscape by a storm in terms of intelligent data analytics. Businesses have already started to embrace the novel approach of intelligent analytics to gain optimum value from the data in hand. On one hand, IT has begun to leverage advanced technologies to grow and scale, where on the other hand, business users have been continually collaborating and sharing their data creating a transparent data bubble. In fact, a whooping number of businesses are realizing the potential of intelligent analytics, AI for CRM is one such example. So what’s next?

Here are top six business intelligence (BI) trends that we can expect to see according to tech pundits:

  1. Advance BI to become the new normal

In 2016, businesses began to embrace modern BI tools thus, shifting the analytics from the handful to many. With the availability of scalable platforms, businesses today are arming even the non-analyst heads to explore analytical data. The year 2017 will witness seismic shift to modern BI tools thus, making it the new normal for startups and global enterprises.

  1. Data collaboration will take center-stage

Similar to many things in our life, several heads are always better compared to one and this is no exception when it comes to business analytics. In 2017, collaboration with data or collaborative analytics in simpler terms will take center stage as regulated data becomes easily accessible whilst cloud technology would facilitate easy sharing. This indicates the finale of an era wherein information used to flow in one direction only. No more data sharing through those static PowerPoint or PDF files, since 2017 will see people sharing data sources and workbooks.

  1. IT to become data protagonist

2017 will see the IT shine. IT will offer the much-needed grit, agility and flexibility that a business would need to innovate in 2017 and beyond whilst regulating data security. By empowering businesses in making sound data-driven decisions at warp speed, IT is expected to emerge as data protagonist to shape up an organization’s future.

  1. Exodus to cloud

The move to cloud would witness a steep surge like never before. The number of businesses that will be moving their data to cloud is set to shoot up as cloud solutions turn easier, reliable and secure. The novel concept of data gravity will gain traction in 2017, as more and more organizations realize the worth of deploying analytics where data thrives. Whilst a number of businesses will continue deploying a hybrid framework of both on-premise and cloud systems, cloud analytics is set to emerge as the most scalable and agile option.

  1. Brace for intelligent business analytics

As business users are becoming more and more data and tech savvy, advanced or intelligent analytics has turned out to be more approachable. Advanced analytics is no more perceived some form of enchantment and not only data scientists, but business people too need to fetch value from the data for making sound business decisions. 2017 will see these two converging as intelligent analytics becomes a staple for businesses. Simply put, advanced analytics will no longer be confined to data scientists.

  1. Data literacy to become an integral skill

LinkedIn listed business intelligence (BI) as one of the hottest and in-demand skills in 2016. However, in 2017, data analytics is set to become a core competency. Similar to proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Word, proficiency in data analytics will become mandatory in workplaces. This will result in businesses leveraging intelligent BI platforms. So brace for a new breed of data analysts and scientists.

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Overall, 2017 seems to bring in some exciting changes for enterprises and business people all around the world. It will be all about doing smart business to sell to the burgeoning smart populace out there.

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