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6 Ways CRM can Save a Fortune for your Business

CRM For You Business
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So how can a CRM solution save you time and most importantly, money? Well, small business CRM solutions focus to improve an organisation’s relationship with its leads that are likely to turn into potential buyers over time. It even helps to keep the customers happy in order to have repeat business. There are several ways a CRM solution does this whilst saving time and money for a business. Here are six prominent ways it does so:

  1. Preparing Email Templates

If your organisation follows a practice to share or notify customers with required information as and when required or is entitled to send an email after every follow-up call or meeting, then an online CRM software can be your best bet in reducing your efforts and saving time. This can be achieved by preparing Email Templates in the CRM system and using these as and when requests pour in.

  1. Automates Bulk Email Campaigns

No need to invest time in designing personalized emails for every lead. Our cloud CRM solution supports seamless integration with Mail Chimp thus, enabling you to design personalized email templates with ease. Imagine your marketing people churning out some 50+ leads by participating in a trade show. Now sending out individual mailer to each recipient/lead would be time consuming. With a CRM solution at your disposal, you can create a campaign that sends out mailers at one go. While creating templates, you can embed the system fields to make it more personalized. Once the campaign template is ready, the same can be sent by adding fresh set of recipients.

  1. Add/Sync Outlook Calendar

For a sales team, it is important to keep its calendar up-to date and synchronized. Using Outlook integration, CRM allows you to add/sync all your contacts, appointments, emails from Outlook. This allows you to stay updated with the information and once the data is available in the CRM system, you can then manage your upcoming meetings.

  1. Importing Spreadsheet

It would be difficult to enter all your old contacts, customer information one by one and manually into the CRM system. Here, you can use the Data Upload feature of our CRM solution to save sufficient amount of time and efforts.

  1. Pipeline

For a sales manager, tracking leads or managing opportunities is undoubtedly the most critical thing to do. CRM sales pipeline helps to understand the weightage of the same in all your day-to-day activities. Instead of going through the status of each opportunity, one can simply look at the sales CRM Pipeline to get a bird’s eye view. This pipeline is crafted with Opportunity stages. Eureka, it also helps you to forecast the revenue to be generated.

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  1. Save your Searches

The CRM data can be filtered by the user with different combinations or by setting up specific criteria. These search criteria can be saved for future filtration of data in the CRM system saving efforts and time. Now, when you want to filter data by inputting common criteria every time, instead of entering all the parameters again, you can simply select the saved search thus, helping you save you immense time and efforts.

To conclude, a CRM solution can make lives easier for salespeople, marketing team and everyone in an organisation. It makes time-consuming operations feel like cakewalk thus, freeing up time to help you follow-up with leads and opportunities in the pipeline. Last but not the least, it shuns the need of running multiple systems or processes to store/fetch customer data. In other words, it simplifies customer information management and simplifies your day.

CRM solution provides improved visibility of the entire sales cycle by tracking prospects through each stage in the sales pipeline.


To maintain a healthy and smooth sales pipeline with CRM, contact us. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at sales@sagesoftware, for free demo and consultation.

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