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7 Tips to Win at Client Scheduling with CRM

7 Tips to Win at Client Scheduling with CRM
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In today’s fast-paced business ecosystem, it is imperative for businesses to stay ahead of the curve and time management and scheduling is an integral aspect here. Yes, we all require proper scheduling of tasks to manage them efficiently.

When running a business, you ought to schedule time for customers and clients. By using a CRM solution, you would be able to use features to create, automate, manage and streamline client scheduling.

Here are few quick tricks to help you streamline client scheduling with an online software:

  1. Create tasks in calendar

In a CRM tool, you have a great calendar feature, where you can see your appointments and time slots that are free. By sharing your calendar with your colleagues and other users, they can make themselves available during the scheduled time. Using a calendar, you can also see whether your colleagues are available too on the scheduled date. You can also set reminders to receive notifications about the appointment.

  1. Send follow-ups

You can automatically send reminders by emails and trigger on-screen notifications to alert users about the appointment. Such reminders can be set while creating an appointment in your CRM solution. You also can customise the calendar by enabling SMS sending feature to catch up with today’s fast-paced client scheduling needs.


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  1. Integrate and sync calendars

Since all the CRM solutions available today support seamless email integration, you can integrate your email client with your CRM tool and synchronise all the tasks and appointments at the click of a button. Email integration helps to remind about upcoming appointments. You can create tasks/appointments in your email application and sync the same in your CRM software to keep it updated.

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  1. Promote your calendar

You can link your calendar directly from your business website. Eureka! The feature can be extended unto your customers as well as to schedule an appointment. Promoting calendar on websites act as a free marketing option that lets you target visitors to your company’s website.

  1. Buffer time between meetings

Always try to maintain buffer time in between meetings and avoid the last minute rush from one client to the other.


  1. Meeting types

Define various meeting types in your CRM tool, as this will help you to manage your meetings in a more efficient manner. Meeting types can be demo, consultation, follow ups, on site visits and so on.


  1. Meeting Locations

While scheduling meetings, you can define the locations as well.

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