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8 Ways to avoid the ‘Panic-Zone’ post an ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation
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Often, it may happen that you spend a lot of time training your employees and all the users on the new ERP software that is set to be launched in your organisation. This might be a long-term process. Also, you may have informed all your employees about the series of change that the new ERP software will bring in. All the planning might seem to be on the right foot and the users too are all set to get aboard the system.

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Unfortunately, this is not the case, as it doesn’t always go this easy as it seems to be. Within few days of the launch, end users would start panicking about certain features and changes. You may have to confront negative comments from the naysayers. This will eventually lessen the confidence of other ERP users leading to a poor adoption. To avoid these waves of panic that may spur in after rolling out a new ERP system, business leaders and managers ought to consider a few things to ensure that every user moves out of their comfort zone.

To avoid these impacts, the organisation may incorporate certain ways to curb the panic wave, spur excitement and make the users feel comfortable. Simply put, you ought to explain the end users that the difficulties faced now would turn into benefits in the future.

Here’s how you can avoid the ‘panic-zone’ post an ERP system implementation:
  1. Ask the users for reasons that trigger the panic for embracing the new system. This will help you know about the discomfort faced by them.
  2. Listen to the complaints and difficulties faced and make them understand how the new ERP software would simplify their routine tasks and why you choose to implement a new system.
  3. Take of all those negative comments coming from the naysayers as challenges and not as a way to lose confidence.
  4. Make the users comfortable with these challenges. Explain them how these challenges would make their tasks streamlined and simpler in the future.
  5. Identify their challenges and work to resolve these as early as possible with the help of an ERP consultant.
  6. Make sure that every department in the organisation is well-aware of their role in adopting and using the system. Also, see to it that they stick to the plan.
  7. While explaining all this to your users, stick to your strategies and the process that has to be followed for the ERP software.
  8. Last but not the least, always remember that appreciation for a job well done is of great help and motivates people greatly. Celebrating or appreciating even the smaller achievements can go a long way in motivating your team to work more confidently.

These tricks not only help to avoid the ‘panic-zone’, but also makes your organisation efficient, thus improving productivity!

ERP software implementation and successful adoption of the same might seem dreary and time-consuming, but proper planning can drive your business to great heights. To learn about the best and safe ERP software implementations, contact us here. You can also drop us a mail at for Sage 300cloud free demo and consultation.

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