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What is your CRM Goal?

CRM Goals
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What can a CRM do for you?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software works as a support system for all the customer related operations in an organization. While most of the companies are already using CRM for business operations, yet there are plenty out there, unaware of this concept.

Investing in CRM has become imperative not because it is a trend and everyone is following it. The reason is its immense potential of aligning your organization’s sales, marketing and customer service operations to increase your operational efficiency and business productivity.

CRM Goals

Usually most of the companies invest in a CRM software without defining their goals and therefore, start treating the product as an overhead cost. But, if you align your goals with a specific or relevant CRM module, this solution turns out to be investment worthy. Usually, every business sets the following goals:

  1. Gathering detailed customer insights
  2. Increasing customer loyalty
  3. Offering existing customers impeccable service
  4. Increasing the effectiveness of your sales team

Either or all of the above goals would eventually result into better sales figures, brand awareness and building a strong network. The sustainability of every business depends on how well it performs in all these key areas. However easy these words may come across, the execution of strategies to achieve these goals is not at all easy. Every business has different goals and therefore different strategies. CRM has separate modules in which businesses could fit their designed strategies.

CRM Modules

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software generally provides three modules listed below:

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales
  3. Customer Service

Marketing: Nowadays, unlike traditional marketing, the efforts are measurable and the traffic sources are identifiable. A CRM can turbocharge your marketing in different ways. Marketing teams can define the target audience, identify their interests and behavior patterns, create better and productive campaigns and receive a 360 degree view of what makes audiences click/ return on the website and what causes their exit. It can automate and analyze different marketing campaigns across various channels and measure the effectiveness of each channel, thereby giving you an idea of how make an optimum utilization of your marketing budget.

Sales: A CRM software showcases strong customer satisfaction and retention skills. Sales people can easily track the lead to opportunity cycle. With the Sales Automation module in a CRM, it is possible for sales team to easily nurture the prospects by tracking them at every passing stage of the funnel.  Depending on the customer journey, sales reps can feed their prospects the right amount of information to make a purchase.

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Customer Service: Most of the companies lose sales because they cannot address the grievances of their existing customers, which causes them to leave and also spread a negative word about the product/ service. It is rightly believed that it costs more money to attract a new customer than to preserve the existing one. With a CRM software, customer support team can log every interaction during the troubleshooting and also understand the customer history. This helps your customers feel more connected with your brand and therefore, they attain a positive mindset.

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