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AI and IoT set to take over the Customer Satisfaction Game

AI and IOT
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In today’s digital age, most of us have instant access to the World Wide Web. Be it checking consumer feedbacks, price comparisons or product descriptions, everything is available at fingertips. Customers today are very much empowered than they were a few decades back. Thus, as a rule of thumb, businesses ought to gain a comprehensive understanding of their consumers to stand out.

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This is why detailed customer satisfaction assessment plays a pivotal role when it comes to a company’s success. At present, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT (Internet of Things) act as a boon because of the automation and high accuracy. Gone are the days of those tiring and annoying customer surveys, as AI and IoT are set to take over the customer satisfaction game. Here’s how:

It goes like this!

Upon receiving data from a customer in CRM solution, data could be fed into IoT processor that can analyse it tracking the entire customer journey and the crucial events/metrics. Now using an AI-powered tool, data comparison can be done to spot differences and similarities among the various consumers.

After fetching a structured or filtered information like service level or geographic location, IoT can be put to use for determining the state of a customer i.e., bad experience, neutral experience or good experience state.

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The amount of time every customer spends in each of these states can be utilised to measure the customer satisfaction level. This makes it easy for the decision-makers to understand as how a customer feels in each of these phases spanning the entire journey. Having a good knowledge of the various factors that drive customer satisfaction can help mitigate the painpoints experienced by customers. All the information derived can help optimise marketing campaigns and make them customer-friendly. Marketing experts can harness this data to come up with more customer-centric campaign ideas to make the journey satisfactory for customers.

The power of AI doubles up by processing more data. For instance, if a potential lead converts into a buyer, all the data accumulated during his/her customer journey can be fed into AI powered system to make precise future suggestions.

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The nexus of IoT and AI can offer all the above-mentioned benefits to a business. In fact, it is already assisting enterprises all over the globe in improving sales by automatically optimising marketing campaigns, targeting the right customers at the right time purely based on data.

In future, combining AI powered tools with customer data streams and connected devices could help to yield insightful information pertaining to customer satisfaction.

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