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Anytime, Anywhere: Best Practices in Choosing a Mobile ERP Solutions

Mobile ERP Solutions
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Today, with the Millennials governing the office environment, a lot of things have changed. Especially, the way we work. More than any time before, today, there is a need to be where the business is happening and be constantly updated with data.

This has given a rise to Mobile ERP Solutions. Today mobile ERP Solutions have enabled the employees to automate their regular processes and focus on more important tasks at hand. As a company, getting a solution which fits the business process and the vertical should be the primary task, but thinking of implementing Mobile ERP Solutions is assign of the company already getting ready for the future.


Best practices in choosing a Mobile ERP Solution


  1. Need for a Mobile ERP Solution – The first step in choosing a Mobile ERP Solution is identifying the need for it. If you have a lot of task force on field and require to be constantly updated with the deals and opportunities, you need to have a Mobile ERP Solution which takes care of constant updates even when you are on the move. Even if you have a lot of customers who are spread in mainland and inter-land, you need to be constantly updated with the customer’s details of sales and resales so that you can cross sell to them effectively.


  1. Selecting a Browser based ERP – A browser based ERP, too gives you the benefit of accessing your data from anywhere and any device. With end to end browser based business applications for streamlining all processes in one gives you the leverage for not only working in house on the leads and customer service, but also access the data outside without compromising the security of the data.


  1. Does the Mobile ERP suit your business process? – Like you would be careful to select an ERP system which suits your business process, so do you need to be careful to select a Mobile ERP solution which will suit your business needs. What all modules do you wish to be accessible, the kind of rights that a person will have. Accessibility on all types of Smart hand held devices will help even the company to implement policies around BYOD.


  1. Sync between main system and Mobile ERP – The mobile ERP solution should be in sync with the main portal or solution which the company has implemented. For e.g., the sales person is on the field and he updates some details on the move. When he comes back, the sales pipeline in the main portal or application does not show the changes. This will result putting effort to recreate the detail in wastage of time and resource.


  1. Easy to load – This is the basic requirement that the Mobile ERP solution should have – Easy to load function. When the site is heavy, it will take a lot of time to load and result in wastage of resources and error in data. Companies should also enquire about Mobile ERP Solutions that may be too resource heavy or have specific network access requirements, preventing the mobile device from easily using the solution.


  1. ERP Project, Documentation, Files – Not just updating, but Mobile ERP Solutions should help you easily manage your projects from anywhere and anytime with the help of remote accessing. A remote accessing helps you Share, Access, Modify the changes you want.


To know more about how can Mobile ERP Solutions help your business process, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at


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