CRM for Cab Services in India

CRM for Cab Service

There has been a recent surge in the growth of cab services in India. It is one of the growing areas of investment in India where there is constant struggle among the common people regarding inconsistent fares, finding a transport,…

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The Ultimate Go Live Checklist for ERP Implementation

The Ultimate Go Live Checklist

Implementing an ERP Software is a huge and a very cumbersome task in itself. It involves money, time and high involvement from the resource. Hence, it becomes important to be aware of all the aspects related to implementation. Usually the…

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How to increase customer retention

Unique Ways to Increase Customer Retention

For any business, that provides a product or service to the customers, the process of finding, targeting and obtaining a potential prospect and converting them to a loyal customer is always going to be among the company’s top priorities. However,…

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Wearable technology, cloud ERP

Wearable technology and the future of Cloud ERP

Initiating the use of wearable technology at the place of work can work wonders for organizations across various industries. Use of wearable technology can help in a symbiotic relation between the company and the workforce where in the technology can…

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ERP for Construction Company

Sage 300 ERP for Construction Company

Construction Industry is an age-old industry that has been providing man facilities from road that we walk on, to houses that we live in, moreover it is an industry that constitutes to 6-9% of GDPs for the developed countries around…

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