Wearable technology, cloud ERP

Wearable technology and the future of Cloud ERP

Initiating the use of wearable technology at the place of work can work wonders for organizations across various industries. Use of wearable technology can help in a symbiotic relation between the company and the workforce where in the technology can…

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ERP for Construction Company

Sage 300 ERP for Construction Company

Construction Industry is an age-old industry that has been providing man facilities from road that we walk on, to houses that we live in, moreover it is an industry that constitutes to 6-9% of GDPs for the developed countries around…

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ERP for Wood Industry | Manufacturing ERP

ERP for Wood Industry

Thousands of years ago, man first realised the value of wood and found its use for various purposes such as fuel, for construction, making utensils etc. Since then, the usage of wood has grown up enormously, giving rise to various…

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CRM features required by an SME

Five CRM Features, every SMB needs to have

When a SMB grows and starts to perform well, it gradually becomes a tedious task to efficiently handle all the increased daily operations while efficiently handling sales. Moreover, the sales team is additionally tasked with managing old leads while following…

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