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Automatic posting of Salary JV in Sage 300cloud from Pocket HRMS Payroll module

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Pocket HRMS seamlessly integrates with Sage 300 for the Payroll entries. It is designed to easily transfer the Payroll data i.e. Salary accounts along with the financials from the Pocket HRMs to Sage 300 ERP application.

The payroll processing is done in Pocket HRMS. The Integration is done in such a manner that once the salary is processed in Pocket HRMS app the salary JV will be created based on the frequency mentioned in the scheduler.

The Entry will be created in Sage 300 Cloud in the form of a GL Journal entry as shown below:

In Sage 300, an unposted entry is created and generated once processed from Pocket HRMS.

This entire process is automated and done using Sage API’s.

The mapping of financial accounts for the salary JV is pre-defined in the Integration files. The parameters such as Company ID, user id and password to open and close the sessions are defined in the Integration process.

It validates if the amount i.e. Total Debits and Credits are matching before posting is done. In case of a mismatch, an error batch gets created in GL Batch List. One can refer the Posting Error report to check for the error.

Further, the entry can be verified by the Manager and it can be posted so that it impacts the Financials.

Integration of Pocket HRMS with Sage 300 ERP makes HR Salary processes very easy. After processing employee payroll with Pocket HRMS, uploading the Salary JV in Sage 300 ERP becomes seamless. It saves time and provides efficiency in day to day HR activities.

Through Integration, one can automate the Salary Entries in Sage 300 Cloud from Pocket HRMS thereby helping save the extra staff required for doing the activity manually.


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