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“B” for Breaks in Business

ERP software for business break
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With the new startup boom, we are seeing a lot of people quitting their luxurious jobs to achieve big in their own venture. While this is quite an ambitious move, there is a lot of hard-work and sleepless nights which goes into making the startup come to life and sustain it. Customer acquisition comes hard and there is a lot of money pumped in marketing and building a brand before the break-even even comes in sight.

It is not always that all startups become a success despite every rule in the followed and implemented. It is indeed a misfortune that despite all the hard-work, things do not work out. When that happens, there are only few options that are left with the founder then: To sell the startup, close it or remodel the whole business. While the future of the startup depends on that particular situation, there is something else that the founder can do before taking a decision: Take a Break.

During the tough times when the future looks bleak, taking a break may sound too ambitious and bookish. Some might also say that it is a way to run from your problems and not facing them, but stay with us while we tell you how can taking a break really help you and your business:


Reviving old ideas:

In a new place, we often attempt to go through a lot of past experiences, memories and discussions, this is one good way to go through some previously thought plans and evaluate if any of them can work again if applied. The situation when the old idea was discarded may be different from what it is now and give a chance to the entrepreneur to boost his startup. It is only with peace and tranquility around us that thinking through can be possible. It might be anything – new product, new channels, and new business model. Anything that was closed in the vaults of the past can be gone over to analyze their feasibility.


Attending Outstation Seminars:

While being on break means to be cut off from work on a temporary basis, this is one thing that the entrepreneur can do while on a break – attending at least one seminar while he is on a vacation. The reason being that otherwise, his busy schedule might not have given him chance. Plus, while attending a seminar, he is open to new ideas and networking with new people. During this time, the entrepreneur will be more receptive to ideas and might even get help from the industry experts, present in the seminar, whom he might not have access to before.


Interacting with new people offers networking prospects

When we meet new people, we always start with a conversation on “What do you do?” This very question can create exciting new networking opportunities when posed to others. Vacations are a nice place to not only make new acquaintances but also learn from others. Simple observation about our surroundings can give a great insight about ourselves and where we are going wrong. This takes us to the next point.



A lot of time, we just need to see within us to know where we are going wrong or right. Retrospection can help the person know if it is really the idea that is not working or just that the individual needs to bring some changes in his behavior. Vacations give the person a time away from the stress and people which will not only help in destressing but seeing from a different perspective.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and to be constantly motivated is also tough. Going on vacations help the person to return back more motivated and charged to face challenges. With the help of real time technologies and mobile applications, being in constant touch with the business from any location is also possible. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – hence, pack your travel bags and go on the vacation that you deserve.

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