Bank Transfer Posting Journal Report `

Bank Transfer Posting Journal Report in Sage 300

In our previous blog, we had discussed about Bank Transaction Listing Report from Common services module. In this blog post, we will discuss about Bank Transfer Posting Journal report under Bank Transaction reports from the Bank Services in Common services module.

When the user wants to transfer funds between banks, then those transactions can be done from Bank transfer entry module in Sage 300. Bank Transfer posting journal Report contains the all transactions posted during bank transfer entry. It includes deposit & payments transfer between banks, transfer charges and transfer adjustments as well as tax information if any. In this report, all transactions are displayed in the currency of the bank statement only.

To print this report, navigate to:

Common ServicesàBank ServicesàBank Transaction ReportàTransfer Posting Journal Report.

This report is used to print the transfer transactions which are done between one to another bank. User can print this report after posting bank transfer transaction. Refer below screenshot:

Bank Transfer Posting Journal Report
Bank Transfer Posting Journal Report


In the above screen you have to first select a range of posting sequence as per transactions done by user from one bank to another bank. There are multiple options which the user can select from – whether to include tax information in report or not, reprint or clear all journal transactions.

The report will display the all details including transaction date, transfer number, transfer date, year-period for particular transaction, bank name, bank description, account details with credit & debit amount which transfer from one account to another account. Also tax details with tax amount display if tax is included during transfer transaction. Service charges details will be displayed whenever applicable for a bank.

Bank Transfer Posting Journal Report
Bank Transfer Posting Journal Report


In bank transfer posting journal report you can view the credit & debit amount for each transfer transactions with respect to bank account no & account description including transaction date. Also display the transaction summary in which total amount of credit & debit. In case of multi-currency database the report display in bank statement currency only. To know more, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd at for a free consultation.


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