Benefits of using a CRM Software

7 Benefits of using CRM Software: A Powerhouse for affixing value to your customer relationships.

“Good customers are an asset which, when well managed and served, will return a handsome income stream for the company” – Philip Kotler

Very much true and applicable in the 21st century, especially when the world’s companies have shifted from being just product-centric to now, customer-centric production. There is far more focus and attention on customers than just the mere product or service provided by the company.

This new invention does so much, from, Customer Acquisition, Customer satisfaction, Competitive Advantage, Security, Efficiency and much more.

Customer Relationship Management is a process which came into very being because man wanted to convert his inabilities into opportunities and results which were previously very time consuming. There was wastage of resources and time which could have been otherwise utilized for the betterment of the company. The time and resource spent on making a technology such as CRM proved extremely fruitful.

In a layman’s language, CRM helps you keep a record and a full account of all the customer related businesses also indicating where the company is going, could go and how can the company get there!

So you might be thinking why still a CRM?

CRM refers to the management practice of assembling together customer related data, evaluating and exploiting that same data to analyze it into information to ultimately use it to fuel the sales growth and expedite customer loyalty and forecast their ever rising demands.

The focal issue here is that, “what is the use of using this product? so that it can be of some real good use to your company?”

The CRM software offers the following benediction:


  • A motorized CRM; in other words a mobile one:

The universe has taken a complete U-turn from using desktops and laptops to now, tablets and smartphones. Need for compatibility in this very trend is the core reason for such a transformation. A perfect CRM will beyond any doubt allow you to anywhere, anytime and on any device allow to carry on your business without any disruption.

Having access to real-time data at the tip of your fingers with just a click is the imperative factor determining what you plan to do next.


  • A Social CRM

Your reach to your customers needs to be augmented more in an effective manner. Increasing brand loyalty is always on the mind but gaining new customers is an objective which many companies long to possess.

To get there one must also make very good use of the modern social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. These efforts make sure you are always connected to your prospects to generate leads, clients to nurture relationships and increase revenue and always be there to listen to their needs and at the same time form a social circle worth cherishing!

Make sure you have an out-of-the box CRM!


  • Ingenious reporting

Yes, having an all-functionality CRM isn’t enough, it needs to be more than that, it needs to be smart. What would be the use if you could just store data and not be able to analyze and evaluate the data for growth and development? All data is ultimately converted to information that is used to forecast, plan, decide, organize and finalize the objectives to deal with the company’s current stance in the business world and plan for its future scope.

CRM offers smarter reporting with features that are built to enable faster and secure, customized reports, quickly populated with the latest CRM information. Rich new graphic charts, New-age Business Intelligence and report cloning capabilities enable you to quickly create reports with interactive graphs and visuals, for at-a-glance business insight and informed decision-making. With point-and-click reporting and graphical representations, you get access to data for immediate analysis and decision-making.

And don’t forget real-time data is the real data! And this is something which CRM helps you with.


  • Interactive Dashboards

The thing that also matters is your kind of experience while working with the software. The right CRM will help boost productivity and drive user adoption across the business.

Interactive and intuitive dashboards deliver a very rich and personalized user experience presenting a simplifying yet robust graphical interface.

With the help of CRM, daily tasks and activity management are made much more intelligible with an intuitive workspace containing your key sales information.


  • A Simple One Please

The CRM chosen should be user friendly and easy enough for even novice users to be able to operate it. Simplicity yet an-all functionality packed CRM is the best one.


  • Make sure it has the compatibility factor

If there is not a requirement for a new whole CRM but somewhere the current CRM is lacking of certain features, ask yourself if your next CRM can be integrated or is compatible with your present CRM. This is one of the USPs of any good CRM like Sage ERP; compatibility and also flexibility: easily adaptable to changes in the organization’s structure and/or in its customer relations.

Benefits of CRM Software
Benefits of CRM Software


  • I want my business to be safe

CRMs often come with a provision of a highly safe, secure and protective environment where the data can be absolutely remain safe in the hands of the authorized users.

What’s more, different levels of access to different data of the company can be authorized to different users accordingly. Those who own the right to access all the data will have all the authority to read, edit, modify and add data while those who can only access and read data will be given access accordingly.

Honestly, there are hundreds and millions of software in the market which claim that they will make your work easier but there are few that really do.

Research well, put in equal time to find the right CRM for your company and understand why and how it can help you take your business to an all new level.

When human and technology efforts join hands together, the results speak for themselves. It is extremely imperative to exploit the right technology in the right direction to get the fruitful results for your company and hence, make it big in today’s highly competitive world especially when other companies are ever ready to take your place in the business world.

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