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Breweries & Distilleries Can Focus On Elevating Their Dine-In Operations With ERP Software

Breweries & Distilleries
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The Importance of ERP For the Breweries & Distillery Industry in the post-pandemic world

For the past ten months, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has wreaked havoc on the planet. It has brought numerous businesses to the brink of closing down where one was breweries & distilleries. A cursory glance at the hospitality sector will tell you the plight of the industry. With people avoiding to venture outside their homes and strict government guidelines, it has become difficult for restaurants to survive. But there is some good news. India is showing signs of revival. The number of active coronavirus cases in India is drastically reducing. The death count is also decreasing rapidly. Current statistics reveal that India has crossed its peak (95,000+) and is now on its way to curb the virus’s spread. Multinational pharma companies are struggling to find a cure to the disease, and some have met success. Some vaccines are at the last stage of the trial and are waiting to be mass-produced.

With the government easing its guidelines and providing relaxations, things are coming back on track. This is the right time for businesses, especially restaurants, to cover up sales loss and increase their profits. At this juncture, it’s essential to talk about ERP for the breweries & distilleries industry and how it can help restaurants to bounce back.

Six ways how the ERP software for Breweries & Distilleries will help restaurants are as follows:

1. ERP software for breweries & distillery industry helps in Recipe Management

The ERP software for the wine industry has a centralized database that maintains official records in real-time, including batch production notes, revisions, and updated versions. Through this method, the recipe integrity and consistency during the batch manufacturing process is maintained. The ERP software for the alcohol industry ensures strait-laced labeling by allowing access to the calculation of ingredient, nutritional, and allergy attributes. It looks after product packaging by giving valuable customer information. Developing efficient and compliant recipes is indispensable for the breweries & distilleries industry, and ERP software allows companies to maintain that.

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2. ERP for breweries & distillery industry helps in R&D

Using the ERP for the breweries and distillery industry, the brew master can experiment with new products in a sandbox environment without altering or modifying the current production line. The ERP software streamlines new product creation and recipe development by providing sufficient information — including recipe notes, revisions, and cost history. The ERP for the wine industry allows the R&D items in sandbox mode to convert into live production mode easily. It also keeps a tab on the dynamic market conditions and trends that help strategize new products. 

3. ERP software for breweries & distillery industry helps in Point of Sales (POS)

The ERP software for the alcohol industry uses the best quality scanning, touchscreen, and barcoding technologies that monitor transactions happening at multiple locations. ERP for restaurants manages other critical POS functions such as inventory updates, accounting processes, etc. It also sends recurrent alarms, reminders, and messages to the sales team so that they receive the latest information.

4. ERP software for breweries & distillery industry helps in Direct Store Delivery (DSD)

ERP software for the wine industry provides the facility for data entry, invoicing, and payment transactions from anywhere. The sales and delivery teams can accept payment, track inventory, and create and edit orders from offsite locations. The ERP software automatically performs these trivial functions, thereby diminishing human errors and letting your team concentrate on functions — like providing excellent customer service and fair distribution — that demand human ingenuity.

5. ERP software for breweries & the distillery industry helps in inventory management 

The ERP software for the alcohol industry tracks the whole production cycle — from the coming in of raw materials in the warehouse to the going out of finished products through suppliers, vendors, and distributors. It also tracks the final purchase by the end-consumer through the retailers. It keeps a keen eye on the audit trail that provides a 360-degree overview of crucial parameters — such as fermentation, distillation, bottling, and shipping. The ERP software for the wine industry diminishes wastage and decreases inventory costs. It also maintains the warehouse’s required inventory level and automatically places orders when the raw material falls below a pre-defined set of values. 

Further, the ERP software for the wine industry also estimates the future market trends based on previous sales. 

6. ERP software For Breweries & Distillery Industry helps in quality control and testing

ERP software for the alcohol industry performs testing and quality control. It monitors vital parameters — including yeast genealogy, gravity, pH levels, and fermentation. Moreover, it also maintains consistency in taste, color, and aroma. The ERP software for the wine industry allows brew masters to carry customer-specific test results safely. It also provides metrics to guarantee that suppliers control and manage the quality throughout the process — from fermentation to packaging.

The hospitality sector is coming back on track. If it wants to maintain serving the demand of the growing customer base, automation is the key. This is where we can help. At Sage, we are home to world-class ERP for Breweries & Distilleries that will provide solutions to all your problems – manufacturing, distribution, employee management, and adhering to government compliances.

Disclaimer: All the information, views and opinions expressed in this blog are those of the authors and their respective web sources and in no way reflect the principles, views or objectives of Sage Software Solutions (P) Ltd.


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