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Can an ERP really run your Apparel Company

ERP For Apparel Company
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One of the growing domain today is Apparel and footwear industry. The demand is ever rising for new fashion, more studier materials and of course for the season sale. With more ready adoption of mobile and cloud technologies, we are seeing brands going completely online or completely on App. This has helped curb inventory, warehouse and fixed costs. Tie ups with Consolidating giants like Amazon also helps to reach to a wider audience and hence resulting in negligible marketing costs. Though this also means that there are many competitors who are taking an advantage of the new space.


Being online though reduces the cost of being physically present, it for sure does not reduce the time and effort that you need to put in to see that the inventory is still available and be updated about all the sizes, color and material. Another reason for doing so is that loyalty in the times of social media is hard to come by and if the company wants to create a good online presence and a loyal customer base they need to have a strong set of processes, co-ordination and more than anything a strong business application which can support their growth.

There are many customized or industry specific software which cater to the need of the apparel industry. But here are the reasons why they will not suffice the growing needs of the company:


Main highlights of ERP for Apparel and Footwear Industry:

Complete Organizational View: There are many aspects of an organization apart from apparel and inventory like finance, marketing, sales and customer service that help a company function properly. Implementing an Industry Specific system helps you to only get the overview and data of that particular module, and for other departments, you need to implement their module specific software. To get the complete overview then, you will need to integrate all of them. The problem comes when any one module gets updated / upgraded. It may affect the working of the other business software too. Also, you will be restricted to make even the slightest changes in one software as it may then require changes in other software too, for compatibility. A smart and efficient ERP system for Apparel and Footwear helps you manage all the key role of the organization while also building the base for a strong front end.


Strong workflows: Functions like Visual process flows, lot and serial number tracking and Automatic data collection (ADC) has made an ERP Software application robust today to ensure it handles the increasing demands of a now competitive world. The lot and serial number module present in Smart ERP software like Sage ERP has made the inventory management so strong and flexible along with the bin concept which has helped to track each and every pair of your apparel. In addition to this, the inbuilt ADC (Automatic Data Collection) module has made the flow of the inventory in Sage ERP so fluid that there are now hardly any chances of making any kind of blunder or missing any kind of stock from being registered. These module enable you to integrate your application with a variety of bar code scanners that are available in the market today. The bar code scanning is configured and enabled in almost all the inward and outward screens thus avoiding any kind of additional development, making it a plug and play device. The web based platform has made ERP software for Apparel and Footwear even more robust which helps the user access the system all across the globe with a simple user interface.


Complete Data Analysis: For growth of the company, gathering data from all departments in one place is important as it helps in clear forecasting, finding loopholes and planning for new resources, investment or divestment. Since these decisions are crucial, they need to be taken on basis of complete data. With multiple systems integrated into one, there are huge chances of data duplicity or data leakages. The format of report generation from system to system is different. Hence, having a single ERP system helps in standard format through all departments and modules along with interactive dashboards.


On the Go Analysis – Today, the world is moving very fast and a lot of things happen on the go. Today, demand for on the go apps and software is on the rise since entrepreneurs, sales managers and the company wants to be where the business is actually happening and be closer to their clients gaining leverage on their competitors. An ERP Software for Apparel and Footwear will help you access all your crucial data on the go and from all departments. This mobility helps you get an idea of what all your departments are doing on the go.


Leveraging Service to gain over competition – Having a comprehensive and a smart ERP software helps you connect all the departments in the organization with each other. With the data that is collected and fed in the system about the customers, the sales, marketing and services team can work united to plan and execute customized campaigns to win over the customer and also get repeat business from the current ones. In today’s competitive times when fashion changes can easily lead to customer turnover, the company and all the departments needs to be up on their toes to service and more than that, anticipate the needs of the customers beforehand based on the data.


Backing website and CRM – Today, a lot of transactions happen on the website of a company. If the transaction is not secure and captured properly, the company can not only face loss and a backlash. A strong ERP system can be integrated with a CRM Software and the website to provide top of class user experience along with safety of transaction and availability of data in one place. To know more about how Sage ERP Solutions help can your Apparel and Footwear company grow, write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at for a free consultation.


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