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Why service industry can’t do without ERP?

  Businesses in the services sector ought to deliver best in class service to stay in the race and for this, they ought to meet the burgeoning and changing demands and needs of customers from time-tom-time. In order to provide…

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Mobile ERP, ERP software, ERP solution, ERP system

Mobile ERP is coming to Modern Business Landscape

  Mobile technology has grown exponentially over the years making it an integral part of modern lifestyle. Be it small or large, all businesses are constantly exploring new ways to use smartphones and tablets in order to simplify and streamline…

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Millennials, ERP

Millennials and ERP: The New Hit Duo

  Look around your office and you can unarguably see that millennials (Gen-Y) have taken over the baby boomers and Gen-X workforce. Yes, millennials are outnumbering Gen X and baby boomers in a number of industry verticals, be it manufacturing,…

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