4 ways Drones and Robots can contribute in Disaster Recovery

Studies suggest, we have lost $1.4 trillion till date due to disasters caused from 2005 to 2014 across the world. Developing nation like India alone withstood the loss of $80 billion in last 2 decades. As a solution, technology giants across the world started investing in recovery and relief strategies.

The results were robots, UAV, drones, etc. Drones and robots have changes the modern world in a lot of ways. Some of the basic privileges for disaster recovery include:

• Emergency response
• Defense
• Tracking and mapping
• Healthcare
• Agriculture
• Disaster relief and much more…


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Drones and robots can contribute significantly in disaster recovery? Explained below are top 4 ways in which in which we can expect these modern tech gadgets to provide help.

1. Combat forest fires: A robot with heat sensing capability can be deployed in forests for reading the change in temperature. In various parts, if abnormal temperature (raise in temperature) is observed, authorities could be immediately informed. Through this deployment, officials will be able to prevent any forest fire and loss to any natural habitat.

2. 3D mapping of prone areas: Assessing and mapping the areas that are prone to earthquakes or landslides using drones can provide high-resolution images. This intermediately saves time and the expenditure compared to manned aircraft or satellite images, which are expensive and less efficient. Additionally, keeping in mind the safety factor, drones can be deployed in seconds without having demanding prior preparations. Recently, drones were used in search and assessment operation in Bahamas on being hit by Dorian – a hurricane.

3. Damage assessment: After a disaster or damage, it is very difficult for the rescue team to act and save people who are buried down the structure. The assessment of the fallen structure is not an easy task after natural disaster. Instead, a robot with chemical and gas sensing capability can be used to locate any gas leaks to prevent explosions. Also heat sensing drones can be used to locate victims from above. These technologies are therefore quite useful to assess the area.

4. Delivering emergency supplies: At times, due to unexpected disasters like calamity or a terror attack, the prone area gets cut from rest world due disabled infrastructure supply lines. During such period technologies like drones or may be robots can be used to deliver food or any other supplies for the people in need without risking any lives. To aid the damage or suffering, drones can be used for providing med kits and communication could be easily established with the suffering community.


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AI and ERP

Artificial intelligence (machine learning along with the natural language processing) can be a good fit for businesses in post-modern ERP applications due to its human cognitive abilities, data collection, data analysis and predictions. AI based bots are one of the well suited applications of AI in an ERP environment.

ERP is all about bringing every business activity/ department under one platform for a faster and efficient actions. AI can bring the much-needed revolution to the business ERP and change our outlook towards how a business works.

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