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CIO Review India Rewards Sage Software Solutions as ‘Company of the Month’

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14 November, 2017. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Assisting SMBs in Streamlining their Business Processes

There are significant growth opportunities for the SMB’s that play a key role in contributing towards the economy in India. With an influx of SMBs extending their business across unrelated domains and recent advancements in the IT field, it is imperative for these companies to scale up their operations while streamlining the business processes. In order to increase the overall performance of the organization and attain set business goals, it is important to establish ERP systems for their existing systems and business processes. Yet SMBs are hesitant to adopting ERP owing their apprehensions towards their lack of knowledge of ERP capabilities and choosing the ideal vendor. Moreover, with the perception that ERP is best suited for large-scale enterprises due to the cost factor, SMBs select a basic ERP solution. This can result in a series of information silos. Exclusively catering to the SMB niches is Mumbai headquartered Sage Software Solutions with their cutting-edge and economical ERP solutions; Sage 300 and Sage X3.


Catering to a plethora of industry verticals, Sage Software Solutions is one of the leading ERP, CRM and HRMS providers in India with offices located in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, and Bangalore. Sage Software Solutions is a distributor of Sage Asia Pte Ltd in India for its ERP and CRM business solutions Sage 300, Sage CRM and Sage X3 through partners and offices across India.


Sage CRM empowers sales professionals to maintain all the customer information in a synchronized manner. Optimum customer relationship management is the key to selling smart and our CRM software helps businesses achieve that. Sage has constantly been striving to work for a better customer experience and hence, we see concepts like Social CRM becoming a reality. A key feature – Social CRM- works coherently to help businesses build and maintain strong customer relationships by leveraging the power of social media channels. Fully data-driven, Sage CRM provides sales reps and managers with intelligent reports and insightful analytics pertaining to customer’s buying behaviors, preferences, purchase history, etc.  ^AEE64EDD74379A2762E144E43E56A74949E29FA796CEE7DE08^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrEmpowering SMBs to streamline critical processes and mitigate operational costs globally, Sage 300 is a robust ERP suite encompassing intuitive accounting module, BI reporting, and inventory/sales and purchase management. Understanding the client’s demand for information on-the-go, the fully web-based ERP software enables its users to access business data across a gamut of devices anytime anywhere. Amidst a host of features, providing intelligent KPI parameters, dashboards and intuitive reporting are some of the prominent highlights of the product.  Addressing the challenge faced by SMBs who still work with legacy systems to avoid exorbitant investments, the solution is designed to be fully scalable and customizable whilst simultaneously bringing down the total ownership and operational costs.

Spearheading the topmost challenge that SMBs, startups and manufacturing units face in terms of scalability, Sage X3 offers a unified system that adapts to changing business needs while speeding up all critical business operations right from accounting to manufacturing, customer service, sales and inventory. With the perfect built-in capabilities, the simple to manage solution available on any browser or handheld device manages international and domestic business processes across manufacturing, distribution and service sectors. Also, Sage X3 enables businesses in monitoring critical Quality control functions with end-to-end advanced traceability features. “Enterprise resource planning anytime, anywhere and through any mobile device is the mantra for Sage X3 designed keeping in mind the diverse needs of distribution, services and manufacturing, sectors,” adds Jitendra Somani, CEO, Sage Software Solutions.

Ready-to-deploy Cloud-based Payroll Solution

Apart from these offerings, Sage Software Solutions facilitates organizations with their flexible HRMS and payroll solution Pocket HRMS in India. This mobile and cloud-ready solution has been developed with an intuitive payroll processing ability to ensure hassle-free salary and tax computations. This feature-rich solution lists leave management, time tracking, attendance management, payroll processing, performance appraisal, timesheet management, tax calculations and employee data management in its inventory. Enthralled by their progress in this sector, Sage Software Solutions has introduced a Chatbot for Pocket HRMS that works on Machine Learning and AI principles. “It is comprehensive and end-to-end payroll software that automates all your critical HR operations,” reveals Jitendra.

Continually endeavouring to stay ahead of trending technologies, the company is actively investing in developing connected services and enterprise-grade business intelligence solution named ‘Sage Enterprise Intelligence’. It is aimed to proffer SMEs with critical data and intelligent analytics at keystroke in order to make quick and informed business decisions. The company will continue to strive ceaselessly and present customers with smart budgeting and sales predictions.


About CIO Review

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About Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading ERP, CRM and HCM solutions provider in India. Sage Software Solutions is a distributor of Sage Asia Pte Ltd in India for its proven and highly successful ERP and CRM business solutions Sage 300, Sage CRM and Sage X3 through partners and offices across India. For HCM and Payroll, it is an exclusive distributor of Pocket HRMS in India.

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