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Cloud is the New Normal: Is your Business Aboard?

Cloud is the New Normal: Is your Business Aboard?
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The article intends to throw light on why cloud computing should be an integral part of every CISO and CIO’s tech strategy. Read on to find out why cloud is the new normal for a business today.

So what is cloud?

Now, a 5-year kid might ask that question, but for the CIOs of today’s age, the answer sits on a completely different meaning. In fact, tech executives and experts are trying to find out as how to better use cloud-computing technology and to what extent it should be a company’s tech strategy. In addition, statistics on the other hand show that a business simply can’t ignore cloud in today’s digital era. However, security still remains to be the topmost concern for many when we talk about cloud computing. Not to worry, as with improved and better security infrastructure, a business can entrust its sensitive data and critical systems with a cloud solution.


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Is cloud less safe than private data center?

In one word, ‘NO’. Cloud has different security challenges compared to a local data center. Robust authentication techniques such as multi-factor authentication and difficult-to-crack passwords make it secure. In addition, the users manage all their encrypted and sensitive data stored on cloud servers and not vendor. Thus, preventing the cloud service provider from accessing any sensitive data. More power to you!

Where will the cloud be in few years from now?

It will be at the core of many businesses’ IT strategy, perhaps most of the small and medium sized enterprises. The numbers are expected to go up in almost every large organisation in few years. In fact, tech pundits foresee a number of Fortune 1000 organisations embracing cloud as their data center similar to the small businesses. It is expected to be one of the driving factors through which businesses would date growth.


Adopting the cloud

Cloud computing has greatly transformed the way businesses interact with customers, employees, vendors and partners. As a matter of fact, it has greatly touched our personal lives too. Social media which sits on the concept of cloud computing has altered the way we interact, educate people, shop and a lot more. Given the benefits it can bestow, cloud computing undoubtedly should be an integral part of every CIO’s technology strategy. Don’t let it go!

Ensure that your business is aboard the cloud journey! Plan now or perish later!

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