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CRM Adoption: A Chronic Problem

CRM Solution For Chronic Problem
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Businesses all over the globe invest thousands of dollars in CRM systems in anticipation of making sound and data-driven business decisions with improved forecasting. Unfortunately, they fail to get the desired results, as the end-users of the system perceive the system as a burden rather than a boon. This has been an ongoing problem and is as old as the CRM itself.

The Bottleneck:

Business leaders and sales professionals try to drive adoption by data downpour, when in reality, it needs to be the opposite. When we talk about CRM adoption, remember that ‘less is more’. This might be sickening to business leaders to digest, since it seems too counter intuitive. Simply put, more people will adopt CRM if you provide them with less reporting and data. Let’s find out how:

Yes, curbing the volume of reports works great, since it persuades businesses to identify what’s actually important and what’s not. Clearly, one of the most effective CRM adoption strategies that always work. For instance, determining which data is critical for sales managers as well as their reps can help reduce the number of reports greatly. Getting rid of all the extraneous data gives enough time for managers and reps to focus on other crucial tasks whilst making CRM an indispensable asset for the company and its people. Eureka! Drives usage of the system across the organisation.

Think it like this: Imagine you have been cast away to a no man’s island and are now told to navigate your way back using the millions of stars in the sky. You certainly can’t do that, would you? Yes, we are no meta-humans to look at thousands of data feedstocks or points and interpret or make out the important ones. What if you are provided with a simple map that highlights 10 stars out there in the sky that would guide you to the destination? Sounds simpler, isn’t it? Yes it is, as you can now focus on critical data points and proceed accordingly.

This is the reason less is more in terms of CRM adoption. By arming your sales crew with key data points that they require is sure to improve productivity whilst helping to cut the crap greatly. Most importantly, they will perceive CRM as an essential tool rather than a burden.

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Making CRM Indispensable:

So how can your business break loose from information overload and make CRM system indispensable by offering only what is required? The answer is to segregate important reports that matter the most when it comes to making key business decisions. Sales managers and reps would then seek out those critical reports thus, in a way persuading them to perceive CRM as an essential tool.

Always remember the mantra “less is more” when it comes to driving optimum CRM adoption. When you focus on data that you require shunning the extraneous ones, CRM is bound to become indispensable asset.

If your business is scrambling with CRM adoption, then it is high time to mull over the amount of data your system is churning out. Chances are high your sales managers and reps are being flooded with heaps of unwanted data when all they require is a set of few critical data points to help them get going.

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