CRM Implementation failure

CRM Implementation: Top 3 reasons they fail.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software have continuously proved its significance for many businesses across industries by successful implementation records. The ability to manage several aspects of a business such as Customer Relations, Sales, Marketing, and Service Management happens to be the core function of all top CRM software. However, it is been observed that many CRM implementation fail which thereby cause companies to pay out of pocket expenses as well as impacts future revenue negatively.

A CRM system serves as a central hub for all the companies by offering a number of handy benefits related to Sales, Marketing, and customer service, but what benefit any software can provide unless it is implemented properly for full utilization for the company staff.


Let’s see the top 3 main reasons for CRM Implementation failures:

Lack of Communication:
CRM implementation decisions are taken by the top management in all organizations because of the budget and the process changes which will happen after the CRM has been implemented. This decision and the process afterwards, needs to be communicated to the whole staff and the top management needs to be supportive of the plan throughout the implementation process. Lack of communication can give rise to insecurities and mental barrier in the minds of the staff. Lack of communication also happens when the CRM is implemented and still the salesforce cannot update the CRM on the go with their meeting details and rely on their support staff to do the same on their behalf. Here, the CRM does not eliminate the problem but gives rise to new ones as double effort is required on the salesperson’ behalf.

Over here, what you need is a CRM software with built in communication management module for seamless delivery of customer service. For example, if a Prospect or Customer calls and the original team member that earlier spoke with the client is unavailable. Then rather than leaving their query unaddressed due to no knowledge of previous discussion; another Team member can quickly pull out the notes such as Email communications, Meeting discussions or so on and efficiently answer any questions the caller may have.


Lack of Organization Wide Use:


Introducing CRM as an important and time saving tool will encourage the users to make use of it on a wide range. Managers must make the CRM software an important medium to make or record all the interactions done by the Sales team on a daily basis. Making your sales representative believe that CRM is not just a tracking tool but very much efficient to help you keep updated with the upcoming appointments, open customer cases, top opportunities, as well as staying updated with the CRM notes of the latest communication done with the client will help manage their time.

Another way to ensure widespread acceptance of CRM is to introduce CRM as a help-desk tool for Customer Service executives. Making use of CRM’s service module to log and track cases of customers. Monitoring priority cases, examining employee performance through the use of SLA’s and escalation facility, reviewing the solutions provided are some of the main aspects of Sage CRM’s service module.


Lack of Technology Integration:


Nearly all the processes in the company have some or the other software to take care of the manual work. The problem arises due to the fact that all these systems are not connected with each other and the data flow between them is absent. Understanding the need of the business and employees is the major facet to finalize a CRM software tool for the organization. A successful CRM implementation must guarantee that the CRM will meet the needs of the every level of employee may it be a Management User, a Sales Representative, a Service Executive or a Marketing Manager.

Sage CRM is one such CRM software that allows the users to seamlessly access their enterprise database thereby avoiding the need to enter duplicate data into system. Gaining full access to information of the Customer, Products, and sales – analysis etc. helps the staff to do their job more effectively. Data Management in Sage CRM not only helps to maintain the data security but also helps the user to identify what they need to close the sale on the go from any device, anytime and anywhere they might be.

Understanding and adopting full capabilities of the CRM system will lead to a higher level of customer service, increased revenue for the company, and in turn, increased commissions for the sales representatives. For more details on how can you successfully implement Sage CRM in your premise, SMS SAGE to 56767. You can also write to Sage Software Solutions Pvt Ltd at


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