CRM Software for SME in India

3 Key features every Small Business need in their CRM software

Usually it is the small routine and unautomated works like documentation, manual follow – ups, updating each team which takes up most of the time of time, hence, taking a lot of employee efforts over and above the regular work that they do.


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The first step towards eliminating the processes which take up a lot of time and effort is recognizing them. Something like follow-up mails which are not automated can take a lot of time and attention gets divested from the main tasks at hand. Solutions like Sage CRM, a CRM software specifically designed for SMEs for all verticals can help you focus more towards achieving higher ROI.

For all growing companies, it is important to have a business solution like ERP and CRM software or better yet an integrated solution which will help you get a 360 degree view of the whole company. There are ample CRM solutions available in the market, but out of them, which is most suitable for your business process should be evaluated on some primary key features.


Some features that you should consider before buying a CRM software:


  1. Pipeline Management: Needless to say that managing sales pipeline is very important for the company and its survival. Your CRM software should be capable enough to provide you the important sales information like leads, opportunities, on the go and with on the access and updating feature. Today the whole world is constantly on the move. There is no reason then, why should your CRM software be a pure desktop based. Sage CRM is not only useful for sales managers to generate custom reports and track overall performance, it is beneficial to each CRM user as it keeps them notified of their activity that they have to do in a given day and plan and schedule demos and have the other teams notified without wasting time on calls and mails.


  1. Ease of Use: User friendliness for the CRM software should be considered minutely since, all the data filled in the CRM is of a critical nature and if the user cannot find the data on time, he will be wasting his time and the company might be losing value and deal. This is where Sage CRM has edge over other CRM systems, it has user friendly interface which is easy to understand and easy to work even on the go and constantly be updated with the available stocks and demo schedules.


  1. Lead Scoring and Management: Does lead scoring helps your business in generating revenue? The answer is “yes”. When you enter certain data of a lead on the basis of that data, lead gets qualified / unqualified in the CRM system, which then is scored. This helps us to know which lead has the potential to be converted into opportunity and which is will be a WoT.


Sage CRM solution is user friendly web based application which effortlessly tracks your business process from anywhere on the sphere. You can use your employee’s efforts mixed with the capabilities of Sage CRM towards increasing more business by limiting paper work and investing those efforts towards the expansion of the organization.

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