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CRM Software for the Manufacturing Industry

CRM Software for Manufacturing Industry
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CRM Software for Manufacturing Industry

Ever since India got its independence, manufacturing has been a major pillar for economic growth and with the Government pushing the “Make in India” initiative, the future for manufacturing industry looks brighter than ever. Given that, in today’s world of fast changing customer preferences and rapid market shifts, manufacturing firms need to be nimble in catching up to trends and attending to customer needs. An effective CRM for manufacturing industry can play an integral part of this process for a manufacturing business.

Why CRM needs to be an integral part of Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry has processes including Just in Time (JIT) processes, Lean manufacturing, Rapid manufacturing, Flexible manufacturing and agile manufacturing. The CRM for manufacturing industry should be implemented in such a way that it understands and identifies that manufacturing processes can differ and it takes action accordingly like inventory control, sharing databases that are inside the company and that of the partner and smooth delivery of finished goods.

Customer Service and Support: Manufacturing industry has a long term bond with customers as their revenue is not made during one time sales but during the relationship that is made over the years. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a good customer base and satisfying old customers is priority for manufacturers. Integration of a business with CRM means faster management of customer queries and differentiated levels of support based of customer-profitability, thereby aiding smooth functioning of customer servicing team.

Nurture Prospective Customers: With CRM for manufacturing industry, one can keep track of clients who can be prospective customers but aren’t ready to associate with the manufacturing industry yet.

Demand estimation: Through CRM a manufacturing entity can analyze trends in customer demand, which helps in managing inventory, better cash flow management and can also help in managing the supply chain leading to overall customer satisfaction.

Enhance Sales: With data on history of customers, both existing and prospective, a business is empowered to go after the right customers that matter. CRM for manufacturing industry plays a key role in this through tools like automated messages, module to manage leads through sales cycle, channel partner relationship, etc.

Zone management: Through CRM for manufacturing industry, one can identify and designate zones based on the location, demand. There may be a certain product which will be season specific or area specific. With the CRM for manufacturing industry in place, these can be manufactured on demand and delivered to the customer.

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