CRM software for startups

CRM Software for Startups

Customer data is the foundation for all companies. In a start up company, on interaction with a customer- old or new, his details including address, phone number, best time to call, the last call made to the person etc. This will be stored in the CRM system and this will be useful in all future transactions.

When you use CRM, the way of working is classified into four steps with marketing being the first. This includes running campaigns under which leads are generated and thus a database is created. The next step is the sales in which these leads are assigned to sales people, who will interact with customers and convert them to opportunities. Then comes the support that involves training, case management, providing after sales service and building knowledge base and finally the orders where the products are delivered and the invoice is presented. In short, the successful lifecycle of a startup depends on implementation of a CRM.

Mentioned below are how CRM Software for startups will help in a company’s growth:

1)  As the data is stored in the company using CRM, it is independent of the employee who interacts with the client. So, the company’s confidential data is with itself and not any single employee.

2) CRM software for startups will help in the growth of the company as the sales and marketing professionals of the company will be able to generate new leads, thus bringing business to the company. Emails, social media and campaigns can bring in new customers and these leads can be nurtured with the help of CRM.

3) In this competitive world, CRM will track and follow the old clients, thereby retaining customers. This is the start of good customer service and this can be further developed by providing customer loyalty services, ensuring the customer stays with the company.

4)  With CRM giving 360 degree view of the customer interaction, sales and after sales support will be more effective, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

5)  CRM software for startups is a one stop destination to check the status of sales, future opportunities and new leads in the offing. Since data is centralized, in case of any problem, it will be clearly visible as to where the fault is and it can be easily rectified. Additionally, with the complete data available, informed and efficient decisions can be taken that will directly impact on the positive growth of the company.

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