CRM Solution for small business

CRM Solution for small business : What to look for

In today’s world of cut throat competition there is hardly an industry without entry barriers, a major challenge for a small business to be successful. At times, the success of small business can boil down to the effectiveness of its CRM systems. CRM solution for small business, while needs to be tailor-made, depending on what kind of industry it belongs to, be it manufacturing or service oriented, also needs to be scalable as the business grows over a period of time. So while shopping for a CRM system, a company needs to tick off various boxes as described below.

User friendliness: A system which is complicated is more likely to be a drag on a company’s precious resources than to be valuable asset. Higher the level of user-friendliness, lower will be the time and effort required for training the employees for CRM implementation. Industry experts believe that almost 70% of CRM implementations fail in the first year of implementation itself. Small businesses merely populate primary data in the CRM and access it only two or three times in six months. The main reason for this is that the CRM solution for small business isn’t user friendly. It has to be easy to enter data and look for it too. Reports and Dashboards are useful but if it’s not used as a productivity tool from the beginning, the CRM implementation won’t help much.

Flexibility to change as per requirement and Easy integration with other systems: “One size fits all” does not hold good when it comes to CRM solution for small business and customized solutions are of heightened priority for a business any industry, whether large or small. An effective CRM system needs to sync seamlessly with other key systems of the company enabling smooth flow of data.

Real-time MIS: In today’s rapidly changing world, it is absolutely necessary for a CRM system throwing out critical data on a real-time basis. The data requirement can be from the top management perspective to formulate strategies as to how to grow the business or from lead generation perspective by the business development function.

Support: For a CRM to be up and running, an effective support is required. This can be provided by a vendor who has good support team that can work round the clock and help small businesses overcome problems that come in the way of implementation.

Cost-Benefit: Finally, one needs to analyse the cost-benefit during the implementation of CRM systems. A growth in its growth phase can easily get carried when it comes spending and it needs ensure that the benefits of a CRM system far outweighs its costs.

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