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Here is why you should consider a CRM Solution for your SME

Here is why you should consider a CRM Solution for your SME
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A SME or a startup in its initial years focuses on keeping its costs low and having a manageable operations which will help in a smooth process and greater control of all the processes. In doing so, the company tends to use simple or easily available tools like excel and online software for storing and managing their data. It is only in the later years that the SME might decide to invest in a CRM application. Parts of these are due to the common misconception about such business applications.

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can help business of all sizes to manage the various ways they interact with their customers, making customer management a seamless process. Moreover, CRM for SME have incorporated social and technology collaboration like Social CRM and ERP that makes connecting with customers even more easy. Now most companies, irrespective of their size depend on a CRM to capture new business as well as retain the existing ones.

Benefits of CRM for SMEs:

  1. CRM personalizes your team’s interactions with customers.

A CRM software manages all your platforms to enhance your interaction with the customers. A CRM integrated community website can aid stronger relationship with the customer. In addition to that, CRM tools like Social CRM can enhance your interaction with your customers on all platforms. Customer Services is an integral part of a business and also the CRM. Customer Service processes like communication tracking, smooth handover to other departments, billing, auto-follow-ups, nurturing, communication, and handling enquires not only become easier and faster, but also automated and analytical. With easy report generation and interactive dashboards, pointing towards faulty processes become easier and faster.

  1. Mobile features allow your team work remotely and interact with customers instantly.

Mobile apps are a quintessential part of CRM software that are made available for all major platforms. Always being available to your customer through a single workstation is not possible, and thus, the CRM mobile app enables you to manage your customers as well as to use Social CRM tools on the go.

The CRM Mobile App allows you to provide support to existing as well as potential customers instantly, no matter where you are. The rise of social media has raised customers’ expectations as they want real time solution and a CRM through mobile app lets you meet these expectations efficiently.

  1. Integration with other business processes helps you measure ROI.

New age CRM solutions offer better integration with third party applications, like business intelligence, e-commerce, ERP, and Voice over IP (VoIP). These applications provide real-world metrics that can help in measuring the success of your business venture. Moreover, a CRM system can improve your ROI through targeted marketing and your sales team will be able to manage leads more effectively. With sales and forecast data clicks away, you can make accurate, fast decisions about inventory, discounts and future services.

Thus, CRM can help you manage your customers proficiently with its prodigious modules and efficacy, it can skyrocket the sales of your product/services, taking care of your customer at the same time. To know how Sage CRM can add wings to your venture, contact us here. You can also SMS SAGE to 56767 or drop us a mail at to get free demo and consultation.

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