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CRM Value Addition to Small Businesses

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A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system when implemented efficiently, has notable and often dramatic impact on the overall health of any business. The software helps in managing customer related information, create marketing campaign workflows, identify sales-qualified leads, target most reliable opportunities and create detailed analysis.

A well implemented CRM should always be capable of addressing two key area:

  1. assessing actual business customers and
  2. Way of resource allocation to reach out to those customers.


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CRM System should not limit its radar to just the follow-up capabilities. As an ideal CRM System, your business must have tools that are capable of attracting customers to your products / services and also provide them with an exceptional experience. The system should be simplified keeping in mind these two key factors through the application of a relevant CRM system. This would lead to investment value and an ultimate ‘impact’ for any small business.

CRM Impact

CRM experts believe in the concept that a CRM system should let your business achieve an impact. This is necessary not to maintain your business alone, but also to let it grow. Achieving ‘impact’ has now become mandatory in CRM. Now, what’s an impact and how do you achieve it? As per the annual CRM Watch list producer, when a customer wants to make a purchase of something that’s related to your company’s product or services, partly or fully, you have achieved an impact. Then as well when you are considered as a competition to your competitors. You also achieve an impact when your company is looked upon as the ultimate solution in your domain.

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Since now we know what exactly ‘CRM Impact’ means for small businesses, let’s now go ahead a further more and understand how it is achieved.

CRM Impact through a competitive edge

As a known fact, the businesses sustain their competitive advantage when their customer experience is of utmost priority. With the advent of multiple easily accessible information channels, audiences are now educated enough with the products already. They contribute to the product knowledge through customer reviews, social networks, and websites and so on and so forth. As a result of this, customers tend to value the actual purchase of a product / service less as compared to their purchase experience. This is where the actual worth of a CRM lies. You can exceed your customer’s expectations by managing and guiding them throughout the marketing and sales touch points.

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CRM Impact through value

A CRM system can support your business in understanding the worth of your client. It will not only determine the worth of their purchase, but also will envision their networks. These potential referrals would play a vital role in your business augmentation. A CRM system additionally provides the tools for customer retention for future purposes by providing post sales services or managing client discontent. CRM could be a tool to determine apt resource allocation by matching resources to their worth and decreasing pay on areas that show less worth.

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