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Customer Engagement, Social Media and Mobile CRM

Customer Engagement, Social Media and Mobile CRM
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Customer Engagement, social media and mobile CRM have already changed the business landscape. To a great extent they have helped us grow and achieve our goals but to a good extent also made it challenging to hold on to the constant wave of obstacles that have popped up due to this advancement. Social media and mobile CRM and commerce are gateways to get to the customers’ abode and grant them what they really want through an easy, quick and reliable way.

Today’s business era has taken a complete U-turn from personal attention to customer engagement! Customers are the lifeline for any company to accomplish their set targets and achieve never expected results.

While customer loyalty, customer service, customer gain are fine, but what is better is your power to keep them constantly engaged in order to convey your eagerness to attend to them whenever they want. And what’s more, customers too have begun to command even more attention by companies so that they listen to them, their needs, doubts, queries, and most importantly solve their problems by providing the best solutions.



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Social media in the recent years has become the world’s most convenient way to reach out to anyone, anywhere, anytime without any laborious efforts and everything with a single click. These three words mean the world to both the parties, businesses and customers.

It’s excruciatingly boring to connect with the customers just through the phone lines or the normal email messages. Social media here brings in the exciting element of a new way of connection that makes sure the professionals are always on their toes to catch hold of the customers while they are having a gala time on the social media sites.

It becomes intelligent and smart yet industrious to keep them engaged while they are busy in the social circle. Such a platform offers them insights about recent company updates. Rich and innovative content, fascinating visual content, constant updates and the most important, response to their queries, questions and comments in the nick of time with convincing answers make it a big factor to keep them constantly hooked.

It’s remarkable to realize and explore that a mobile can replace computers, banks and ATMs when it comes to serving functions like online purchase, mobile banking, online payments, marketing and advertising, etc. but it’s still more imperative to understand that this new cutting-edge invention can do wonders for your business and accelerate your customer engagement and relationships. Fast paced world requires a fleeting medium of operation which is bringing us into mobile commerce and CRM.


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It’s a booming and flourishing industry that has already brought about an aggressive rise in various commerce activities, because of its easy and convenient factor and the countless options available, which would otherwise all together require fragmented efforts at different time periods and at different locations. Mobile commerce provides one single platform for customers to look for their requirements and rely on it without any headaches.

There might be in future, several more trendsetting technologies but what matters is the smart way of exploiting them to get what businesses want and what also matters is the willingness and readiness to understand the effect of growing advancements and how can customer engagement, social media and mobile commerce be better utilized to ultimately fulfill our business requirements as well as serve any company’s biggest assets, that are customers!

With such new trends, many things revolving around technology have changed on demands of customers. In ERP and CRM itself, we have seen many new terms like real time, accessibility, mobility, have become a reality. Integration with Social Media, lead generation through Twitter and LinkedIn is now a reality and companies should change their strategies to introduce better and smarter CRM and ERP software in their company. For more details, on new age CRM and ERP for SMEs, SMS SAGE to 56767 or contact Sage Software Solutions at for a free demo.

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